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  1. Just tried it, ProRes is fine, I gave it a moment to produce the proxies but it's no problem whatsoever. Same with H264. What I want to do now is so a comparison between grading of ProRes and HEVC to see which one leaves more leeway. Not that it matters much, I whacked a few of the Resolve LUTS on the timeline and it could be pushed all over the place. ?
  2. Try Rocky Mountain Converter. Has ProRes options. https://sourceforge.net/projects/rockymountainsmovieconverter
  3. Nice! Loved that blood splat.
  4. I can confirm this. I think it's an NX1 HEVC thing, I should convert to ProRes and try again.
  5. Agreed. I'm still using mine after 3 1/2 years and have no reason to move to anything else. In fact I'm looking to buy another one, just in case. In my opinion Samsung are capable of producing hardware with processing power unheard of in the consumer camera market, and this is coming from someone who has been watching the market from before, during and after working for Samsung Cameras. Sales, not engineering (I wish). The AF on the camera is simply... reliable. I've shot all sorts with it, and the one time I thought it would fall flat on its face was when I shot for a nightclub during an
  6. Well start with this: Best price performance ratio. In that case I'd argue it was the Samsung NX1.
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