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Testing EOSHD Pro Color for Panasonic G9 and GX9

Andrew Reid

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I am developing Pro Color for the new Panasonic cameras. Possibly for GH5 / GH5S as well but since they have LOG and the G9 / GX9 don't, you can use LUTs.

Now if you remember the original Pro Color for the Panasonic cameras previously, it does not work like the Sony one where you have a picture profile in-camera that fixes everything.

Panasonic cameras don't have that kind of control in camera. What they do have is a superb codec.

So once again Pro Color will be in the form of a LUT. And once again you will not need to shoot LOG. CineLikeD or Standard will do it...

Or so I thought, because I have found something rather interesting in the process of trying it out.

CineLikeV really crushes the blacks but I have always liked what it does to the typical Panasonic colour science vs the usual consumer camera photo styles. It brings that Varicam look to colour. CineLikeD is certainly the flattest image but I have never really been comfortable with it. I honestly don't like the colour from CineLikeD most of the time after grading it and I find the dynamic range advantage to be quite small anyway. That's why Pro Color was designed for the Standard photo style on the GX85 / G8 and GH4.

Well CineLikeV it turns out can do dynamic range much better than I thought, and I just think it is looking more filmic.

So should I design Pro Color to work with CineLikeV or D?!

Here is the test version of Pro Color on the GX9 with CineLikeD...


GX9 G9 Pro Color On.jpg


GX9 G9 Pro Color Off.jpg

Gets rid of that harsh digital look of the camera.

Now here is the problem I have with CineLikeD...

I have graded it, and the path up to the highlights says everything...

GX9 CineLikeD Yuk.jpg

The colour range is very compressed.

And in CineLikeV it has come off far better with more going on colour wise, less mashed together...

GX9 Pro Color CineLike V.jpg

It has sacrificed some shadow detail but I think it looks more filmic as a base on which to build the Pro Color LUT.

So far liking the GX9 by the way...It's a bargain.

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I found some interesting results taking the cinelike V as a starting point myself as well.

If you have an Android phone or tablet around, have a go with my tweaker app as you can see the interaction in real time. If you load your LUT onto the external monitor if you have an Atomos then it's even more useful to see the interaction with that.


There is another version of it further up that thread that automates to produce a range of stills which effectively bracket all the permutations you're interested in or makes them as one long clip.

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45 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Cheers. Yes I do have an Android phone to try it on. Does the tweaker app work with GX9 as well? I have a GX85 as well in case it doesn't.

It works on anything that their own app does so ues it should be fine

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On 6/8/2018 at 1:03 AM, Andrew Reid said:

Great stuff. A G9 arrives tomorrow so I'll try it on that too.

That link I posted takes you to the first post in the thread for some reason which is for the bracketed stepper .

The real time tweaker app is further down and here is the direct download link for it if you need to use it


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