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Magic Lantern - RAW and Anamorphic

Tito Ferradans

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Looking forward to see the results dhessel. How about shooting in 5:4 in full sensor mode? That might kill the vignetting and give you some longer recording times. 1562x1250 or 1500x1200 for example. With a 2x anamorphic that will give a 2,5:1 aspect ratio.


I just picked up a 5D2, have to pick up some EOS > M42 / Nikon adapters though.

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I have decided to shoot 1472x1104, 1472x1076 in 5x crop, for now. This way I can shoot both at roughly the same resolution and continuously.


In post I am cropping everything to 1440x1080 with a 2x pixel aspect (2.67 aspect unsqueezed), this is the highest resolution I can do before it starts to vignette. Seems like a good compromise, it is a 1.4x upscale to 4k, 1.33 upscale to UHD (4k tv), and a 0.67 downscale to HD or I can crop it to full HD.


I am working out my post workflow at the moment, but I will try to post something soon.


@Julian 1600x1200 is a good resolution if you can use a lens that is 75mm and up, it is definitely worth it to pick up a m42 adapter. The anamorphics like older lenses and I have been able to pick up a 58mm f2, 135mm f2.8, and a 95-205mm f6.3 for a total of $60 bucks at used camera stores and they work great. None are multi-coated since they are so old so they flare nicely.


Also you are limited in resolutions available in ML after 1600, 1472 is the next option.

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Can we record 1.6x crop with 4:3 aspect ratio?

Yes if you record normal at 1200x900 then it would be 4/3 and 1.6 crop. I am not certain if that actual resolution is available though. By the way it may be a little confusing but the 5x crop in ml is actually 3 crop if you are recording full HD, the 5x refers to zooming to 5x in the live view. In any mode when you decrease resolution you are croping in on then sensor. for the mkii normal recording uses the whole sensor but records every 3rd pixel, in 5x it crops in 3x and records every pixel instead. In some ways it is similar to a digital zoom with no quality loss.

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Managed a couple random shots today, while location scouting. 50D, Lexar 1000x card, using an old build (from July, I think). Original resolution was 1344x1058, while the lens was LOMO Foton-A, 2x stretch. The clips are below.


Don't ask me about shutter, because it varied wildly according to the sun. ISO640, f/8. Slight color corrected in After Effects.




Youtube has now an option in resolution which says "Original", and that should play 2688x1058. :P

(I'm not proud of these shots, I was just testing the lens and all, but might be good to take a look).

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Can we rec 1.6x crop with 3:2 or 4:3 in h264 (non raw)? thanks


No, if you are not shooting raw then you can only record 1920x1080 full frame.


Only raw shooting enables cropping or different aspect ratios. With raw you could shoot shoot close to 1.6 at 1200x900 for example. I don't have my camera in front of me so I cannot say what resolution you can choose that is close to 1200 across. There are preset ones to choose from in ML so not everything is available.


I know I promised some samples and they are coming, I have only been shooting my kid lately and I don't post those online. I am planning and outdoor shoot soon so I will post some of those if I don't get anything else sooner.


I will say that the detail and the amount of color correction possible with raw is really amazing coming from my 5DMKII, bu t it does take a long time to process compared to h264, and I can only get 20 minutes of footage with 80 GB of CF cards.

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One thing I have learned by experimenting with the 5x zoom/crop feature (hoping that it would allow me to use a shorter taking lens) is that it's really not that great for anamorphic with a focusing anamorphic like I had hoped. Every microbe of dust was visible as I changed focus. Usually I am focusing past most of that. Oh well. It is still a useful feature.


I need to make an amendment. I think that the last lens that I tried out was old and needed a good cleaning. I have been able to use the crop mode very successfully while shooting anamorphic with the 5Diii. It's macro on any lens with the touch of a button.


EDIT: For stuff that is bound for Vimeo, 1280x960 (4:3) seems like a good starting point for use with 2x lenses. Final resolution will be 2560x960, and then that can be conformed to 1920x720 for upload to Vimeo. A 40% reduction in file size is also welcome, allowing 64GB cards to record about 20 minutes of footage (VS 12 minutes at 1920x1080).

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I'm working on a couple chapters for a webseries, shot on ML Raw and anamorphic. First episode using a 50D and a LOMO Foton-A (37-140mm), and the second episode using Iscoramas (pre-36 and 54) on a 5D3.


Surprisingly, during shooting, the 50D crashed a lot more than the 5D3, but the 5D3 gave me much more pink/weird frames than the 50D - using the very same Lexar 1000x cards.


The first episode will be online on the 25th (maybe earlier) and I'll post it here for comments.


Also, while during tests, the LOMO disappointed me a lot, but after reviewing everything we shot for real, I'm in love with the lens - and also hunting for a wider, 30mm squarefront. If anyone is selling one of these, please get in touch! (OCT19 preferred).

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4:3 Recording Times (5DMiii; 64GB 1000x card) 

  • 1920x1288 > 98.9MB/s > About 10 minutes*
  • 1600x1200 > 76.8MB/s > About 13 minutes
  • 1472x1104 > 65MB/s > About 15 minutes
  • 1344x1008 > 54.2MB/s > About 18 minutes
  • 1280x960 > 49.1MB/s > About 20 minutes

*I can record for about 30 seconds, but I can't get RawMagic to recognize files shot at this resolution.

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