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Justin Bacle

75 GBP vs 750 GBP Single Focus Adapter

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Hello everyone, let me tell you the story of how I got the cheapest single focus solution. And how it compares to the Rectilux HCDNA (results a the end of the post)

Last month, I found this anamorphic adapter on ebay :

It was cheap, and looked like a weird anamorphic projection lens using prisms. So I bought it (Gear Acquisition Syndrome :D).

Then I took it apart to clean it, and noticed it consisted of two prisms (for the anamorphic part) and some kind of focussing solution in the front.

So I 3D printed an adapter for it (around 5GBP printed at a local shop) and tried it. And of course it confirmed to be a single focus solution !

So I had to test it ! Here are the results compared to the hardcore DNA :

Taking lens : Super Takumar MC 105mm f/2.8
Camera : Canon 50D
Anamorphic lens : Schneider Cinelux
Single Focus Solution : Rectilux HCDNA vs GB-Kalee Small Anamorphic (front part)
(Same grade applied to all shots)


Here is a picture of the setup :

Of course, the GB-Kalee is less convenient : 

- Minimum focus distance around 1.8m
- Smaller element diameter (would work better with smaller anamorphic)
- More difficult to focus (as my copy of this adapter is quite beaten up)
- Needs a mounting solution for both back and front as there is no filters. (But the HCDNA is similar here are the threads are not standard size)

So, What do you think ? 

I personally think this GB-Kalee needs a rehousing !

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6 hours ago, Tito Ferradans said:

Today's most frequent search on eBay: "Kalee Anamorphic"

Awesome stuff, Justin!

Thanks @Tito Ferradans, I knew posting these would make them prices higher. But at it is very uncommon yet, it won't change the market too much I guess.
Plus, there are parts to make to be able to adapt it so that's a lot more work that people may think at first glance :D 
But the results are very promising for sure !

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Inspired by @Justin Bacle and his post, I recently picked up the big brother of the GB-Kalee that had damaged internals - but luckily the front focusing section was in great condition. The optics are a beastly 100mm front and rear so I separated the front focusing assembly and have been pretty impressed by the optic quality and coating.

I post this here as it is a bit more info on the bigger brother of the GB-Kalee Small as it may inspire others to remount or test further these lovely vintage optics as single focus solutions. Unfortunatly I have just started a long term job that does not allow me to spend time playing with re-mounting this beast, so I've decided to sell.

From what I can tell, to get minimum focus on this big boy (of 1m) - the front and rear optics need spacing of approx 40mm...which unfortunately is further than the helicoid will allow without unscrewing and separating the two body halves. However if someone was to re-mount or rail-mount the optics in some kind of MacGyver fashion, you'd have a very tasty big boy focusing optic to play with. Like I said, I now have no time to experiment with this myself, but from some rough handheld tests - it appears to deliver the same high quality as it's smaller Kalee brother, but with bigger optics.

In a shameless move (but target to those following this thread who might find interesting) , here is my focusing assembly listed on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GB-KALEE-VARAMORPH-Focusing-front-Assembly/253440130338



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