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  1. The focusing must be performed on both, nikon and moller! The minimum focus distance of the moller maybe 5m so not so usable inside. Great lens, great flares, but double focus is a pain!
  2. Daniel, is your mir sharp? Have one but too soft to be used on p4k...
  3. Hello guys! Need some info, can't find any, about Sankor AnamoPrime, Sankor Compact Anamorphic, Sankor type-5e. Thank you!
  4. I like the idea to make shorter scopes and also love the double golden/blue flares!!!
  5. I followed your example.Waiting for some clamps now. 120eur white/golden flares.
  6. So how is your scope? Are you happy with it?
  7. Hello guys! Any update here? Did someone of you build a final usable version?
  8. Well, take a look. No stress on taking lens at all. The only thing I need is a single focus unit but again, no info about compatibility... ? Ok guys, so are you telling me there are 16mm anamorphics that can be used with lets say sigma art 35mm with same crop?
  9. Hey Tito! Great blog you have, watching always your videos to understand better if a certain adapter is for my taste. Anyway, you have no/few large adapters reviewed on your blog! As Caleb I'm too interested in such lenses because they are affordable. I found 3 lenses: Officine Galileo Anamorfico 2x for 100eur (that one I already have but I have to use it with f like 7.3-8 and minimum focusing distance is like 4-5m, but great double blue flares btw!) Sankor Anamorphic Adapter-W for 100eur Schneider Kreuznach WA Cinelux Anamorphic adapter for 130eur. I like the idea of large lenses so I can maybe go wider, on my pocket 4k I can use sigma art 35mm but I can't find any review of last two. Of last two I'd like to know the mionimum focus distance, type of flare and its color. Any idea/opinion/link would be appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Thank you Laurier! There some options for that focal lenght, what do you suggest? Zeiss, canon fd, russian lenses? Thank you! No, I said Pocket 4k camera so no open gate there. Thank you anyway for your time!
  11. Hello whoisjsd! Sorry, I'm new to anamorphic so please, can you describe all components? I don't understand from your post what element you are putting inside helicoid, is it a diopter? Thank you!
  12. Tito, asking, you're a guru! Is it possible to put the single focus element not in front of anamorphic lens BUT between the taking lens and anamorphic. It would be easier for focus pulling and matte box usage. Thank you!
  13. Hello guys! Need an advice and your experience here. Looking for sharpest setup. As I understand to shoot anamorphic we need: 1. taking lens. I will choose a modern one, maybe sigma art o maybe a vintage one it depends on anamorphic adapter. I'll be using it on Pocket 4k so I need to start with 50mm equivalent like 25mm m4/3 lens. 2. anamorphic adapter. Better 16mm or 35mm? 3. single focus adapter. As I understand from the big Tito Ferradans review, the rectilux is the sharpest, ok. Which anamorphic adapter is sharpest, is there a list somewhere? Thank you!
  14. I'm a little confused about focal length. Can you calculate what 50mm +anamorphic+metabons would be on pocket? Thank you!
  15. Any news man? Would like to see some footage from you and a couple of words about using experience. Have pocket 4k too.
  16. Hey BTM_Pix! Great work but it's a year since you work on! I'm a gimbal user, you have to make a support for it to be able pull focus and maintaining the gimbal (crane 2). Or I have a greater idea: contact Zhiyun-tech and sell them your code or work together to provide focus functionality embedded to crane 2 since they have a wheel on it already!
  17. Hey Alex! Bough both your conversions, experimenting right now! Immediately have a question: when editing I/all we have a lot of cuts, often from different cams, so all is mixed in timeline. Applying 2 instances of Lumetri on each clip and then applying 2-3 conversion luts is cumbersome. It would be simple for me applying all luts an then export a single lut from lumetri, resulting lut I could apply on rest of clips. Is this technically correct ot it's better to follow your pdf guide? BTW, can you please provide a version of guide in text/pdf format instead of image/pdf? I'd like to copy some important moments into a text document? Also, would like to see some color graded "gh5-alexa" footage with achieved cinematic look! Thank you!
  18. Sage, I'm interested in your conversion luts, just a question: since a file in vlog it's basically the same between cameras, can I use this luts with gh4 vlog 8bit? Thank you!
  19. Thank you for the answer, Sage!
  20. Sorry for confusion, Sage! What is the scop of 2 threads? Anyway... I'm on stage to decide my workflow (premire pro cc2018) and I'd like to understand why is the color/luminance differences between your method and Driftwood? Please take a look:
  21. Hi Lux! My goal is to edit and export to rec709. There are little to no hdr monitors today outside so I'm stuck with rec709. Also, since I have 14core xeon, 32gb of ram and rx580 8gb, I'd like to edit without transcodings... Thank you Sage!
  22. Hello Sage! I'm very interested in your idea! Yesterday arrived my new gh5 and I discovered all the dynamic range of HLG! WOW! Highlights are there! But I'm stuck with editing workflow since premiere pro doesn't support rec2020... I found this topic so the idea is to use your hlg-to-vlog lut in premiere/lumetri color/Basic Correction/Input lut and in premiere/lumetri color/Creative/Look aplying vlog-to-REC709 lut. Am I right by doing this? Thank you for sharing your work!
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