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Gh5 or 5d mk iv?


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1 hour ago, tweak said:

Because you also want a full frame camera for stills and 1080p?

MJPEG has better motion imo.

You could say the same things about lots of cameras...

Why buy a GH4 that crops for 4K???

Why buy a GH5 when it's footage wasn't fully supported in NLE's???

BLA BLA BLA... etc.

Worldfirst 4k mirrorless camera?

as for footage NLe its supported here fine its adobe that screwed it up on update


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On 5/18/2017 at 4:53 PM, DaveAltizer said:

I think the new Tamron 10-24 would be a great "16-35mm" equivalent as well with the 5D IV. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1317273-REG/tamron_afb023c_700_10_24mm_f_3_5_4_5_di_ii.html

Pair that with a sigma 18-35mm and you have a really solid kit shooting a high bit rate 4k.

I have found a very significant different in my MJPG 4k because of that 4:2:2 codec. Its great...once you transcode it...

Bro, I LOVE your stuff here. Amazing. 

It's unfortunate to me that the 1DC isnt as widely used. If people just changed their thinking of it to a proper CINEMA camera, like an URSA mini, Alexa, or RED...they wouldnt be complaining about the higher bit rate recording or lack of AF. 

Knock, knock was 100% shot on the 1DC. You can see it on Hulu I think right now. 



I didn't know this film was shot with the 1dc. Looks really good. I need to watch that.

The 1dc is a beast. It has its draw abcks, But. they are easy work arounds

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2 hours ago, Rinad Amir said:

as for footage NLe its supported here fine its adobe that screwed it up on update


You totally missed the point... Point being there's no perfect camera, use the right tool for the right job.

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I must say that so much of this discussion is based on specs for the camera and it seems not a lot of real experience with the cameras in question .... 

I recently moved from a Canon 7D ML RAW to a 5D3 ... but the files were off WB wise ... convinced that the GH5 was the real deal but the files were a bit less compelling ... returned it for a 5DMkIV in spite of all the expert advice on this forum. 

For me .... 1.7 crop is an advantage ... never shoot that wide for video ... too boring .... and for landscapes and wildlife that I film it helps to have a bit of a crop. Rolling shutter ... well at my age I do not whip my hair nor my cameras .... not chasing fast moving cars or trains. And the codec is a non-issue for me. CF and SD card prices have plummeted ... should I mention the $4K in RED proprietary SSD cards I had for my EPIC? 

Color if not within the ballpark is hard to control ... most other issues have fairly easy work arounds. And Canon color is so good ... no matter what level you enter the product line.

DPAF almost instant magnification in LV wonderful build quality easy to view exposure preview .... in spite of the spec deficits if you know how to use a camera it works and works well. The 4K is consistent color correct and motion seems to be very good.

GH5 has IBIS and dual IS ... the only place where the 5DMkIV is deficient. But with a decent gimbal and fluid video head ... no contest. Big sensor even with a crop has great high ISO ... noise is a non-issue if light is worth capturing.

So here is a bit of a weird video ... vertical capture ... on a monopod as the garden does not allow tripods. Light was all over the place as cloud cover broke and reformed. No plot ... not cinematic ... just a look at motion and color. Same for the second ... just a look at different color and perspective.

Password is 5D4 for both ... and I will delete these in a day.








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11 hours ago, docmoore said:

WB is the wrong term ... there was a distinct pink cast to the files ... the 7D color was perfect out of camera in ML RAW. Very strange.

And RAW out of those cameras is hard to beat ... if they could just hack the 5DMkIV ...


Yeah my 7D raw files really please me, I use it over GH4 most the time. Pink cast can be a few different issues, how long ago was this? They have made a lot of progress with stuff like that now. I think on rare occasion it can actually be the sensor also. 

Raw on a camera with DPAF would be cool.

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