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SLR Magic Anamorphot 1,33x – 40 (Compact) lens adapter for AutoFocus kit lenses

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Few things I noticed on the tweeted picture:

- Has a NEAR marking, so it'll probably have a FAR marking as well, so does not look like a step up from the previous versions. 
- The previous 1.33x 40 had a 82mm front thread, this one has 62mm, i suppose the back will be 50 something.
- It is a common problem to make a 1.33x adapter with which you can shoot wide open. Some series of the Centuries can do that, but SLR Magic failed in the past so I don't have high expectations, you'll probably have to stop down to F2.8-f4

I would love to see a prosumer anamorphic adapter which is similar to AGFA 1.5x, commonly known as Moller 19/1.5x, small, lightweight, focusthrough, great IQ even at wide open.

Also, I have to admit that SLR Magic's communication style and strategy really bugs me. Seriously, is it that hard to make a nice website with full of information? Give me an anamorphot and I will help you out with that :D

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9 hours ago, Brother said:

Not too shabby for 499?


8 hours ago, whoisjsd said:

Looks exactly like stuff from my 90's 1.33 without strong light. Same edges. Not bad.

I second this. Considering the price ($499) for a focusing, super lightweight adapter this ain't bad.
Century Optics and Optex adapters sell for as much...and they're like 20 years old.

Now just wait for a nice discount and you got a real steal here.

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