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GH3 short film


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Hello Everybody,


I know Andrew is getting ready to publish his review on the GH3 so I thought I'd share with you small project I worked on with a group of friends. We basically were asked by Panasonic Middle East to create a short film to showcase the capabilities of the camera under various conditions. We even mounted the camera on my RC drone to show how a camera with this size and weight can be literally used anywhere!   I hope you like it :)







Ihab Ali


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Much better than the Bruce Logan/Phillip Bloom 'Genesis' video, both as a film and as a showpiece for the camera.


No way dude, but most things around here are subjective innit.  Logan shot in daylight, interior, night, and no to mention proper graded it himself.   Tbh, most pro DSLR music video kats could shoot night time scenes with a 1.4 ..  :P


some nice hover shots though.  cool stuff

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Thanks so much for your and all the other nice comments. As a GH2 user I advised our director/writer/DOP to use the smooth with -3 on all settings to get the flatest possible image to make grading a little easier and I believe that's what he did. I know I used these settings for the aerial shots.

I liked it much better than Genesis.. Really great work. Curious what photo style and custom settings did you use?

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