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no anamorphic dis in tended butt

tony wilson

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what a joke

who are these buyers

do they have a brain

i thought nobody had any money

calling this an iscorama is fraud


to quote mr charles manson and baron edwyn de rothschild some people clearly like being victims.

and they give positive thanks for the rape on feedback :)

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Even worse, the scammers are trying to ride the Ebay anamooorphic wave


watch out for 2 Isco 36's [1 is a pentax m42] from US 'Buy It Now'  $2,500USD


you have to email them with yr details - they send a bogus Ebay invoice - you pay they run!!


"...drop your linen and start your grinnin"

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you have to email them with yr details - they send a bogus Ebay invoice - you pay they run!!


Yeah, found one like that a couple of weeks ago trying to sell a "Sony F35." 


Him:  "Give me your info so Ebay can send you an invoice"


Me:  How about I call you?   Can I please get your phone number?


Him:  I only have my personal number, not my business number.


Me:  Nice try asshole.  Go rip off someone else.

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While everyone is scrambling to remortgage their life for anamorphics, I've found some great prices on spherical cinema glass. this can work to advantage ;)



I use Schneider and Isco spherical projection lens on my GH2 they are f2 and stunningly sharp ! amazing glass

Tonys Red Stan clamp does the trick nicely with a helicoid

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iscorama was the generic term for the unique complete anamorphic optic with the special 2 front focus optics on the isco system.

you will find some fixed focus optics labelled iscorama


these where part of a very expensive package called the iscorama set.
isco 36 or a 42
and a separate fixed focus projection optic as above plus mounting bits.
total shoot and projection system.


your lens is fine i think as long as it has the 2 focus front optics i believe i was the one that came up with the term baby for these small things so you can blame me.

calling a 2 kg door stop an iscorama is taking the piss..
i do not give a shit really eyes is nots der anamorphosis police :) i just wanted to highlight it so anyone tempted to buy would at least ask the guy some technical questions.

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