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Panasonic GH3 I Banding problems


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Just back from two days in a row of shooting. Some shots had some really serious banding or flickering. I don't understand it at all. Also because other shots under the same circumstances haven't the same problems. Thank god I have enough shots to create the vid. 

Because I'm still learning how to shoot with all the settings on my GH3 I set everything on automatic except the diaphragm - A modus. Other settings; MOV, 24 p - 50 Mbps (for Europe), Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3, Noise reduction -4.  I used the one point (correct name) setting, for measuring the light. 


Anybody a clue why this occured? So I will be prepared next time. And is there away to fix it in post with FCP X?



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Were you shooting in manual? Did you change your shutter speed? Flickering from fluorescent lights can be controlled with shutter speed but as you can see in Nahua's video even a slight change of 1/3 will go from no issues to heavy flickering....


Oh I just re-read your original post and it mentioned you had been shooting in aperture priority, when in aperture priority the camera will let you set the aperture but will automatically take control of the shutter speed, this is a very bad idea for shooting video since your shutter speed should be the #1 thing you want to have control over. 


aperture and shutter priority or more suitable for photographers, when doing video try to stick to manual.. When shooting at 24/25p my shutter speed does not leave 1/50th. Since my shutter is always at 1/50th I adjust exposure 3 ways the main 2 (in camera) are aperture (this will affect depth of field) and then ISO (increasing ISO introduces noise into your footage) alternatively you can buy a neutral density filter, or fader/variable ND filter, ND filters block out light so you can adjust exposure without affecting depth of field. 


If you are uncomfortable shooting in manual, stick to shutter priority and set your shutter speed manually.

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Indeed I got my answer in Vimeo. Here it is ; 




Ron Coker PLUS

5 hours ago

For PAL use: Manual settings, shutter 1/50 for 25fps set iris (F stop) to show a mid reading, meter from a grey card or mid tone surface. The GH3 film look setting Natural all -5 appears to render a flat film like appearance.
In auto mode shutter speed can vary, if your job was filmed with domestic lighting not at 1/50 you will probably notice a flicker. Hope this helps.
I enjoyed your film Winter Marocco. Cheers.



4 hours ago

Thank you so much Ron! Sorry I'm really new to all those settings so to check if I understand you correctly;

You basically saying it's no banding but flickering and it was caused by my automatically settings? And next time

- I should use the M modus.
- then set the diaphragm as I wish and the shutter speed to 50 
(its on my screen on the lower left part right next to each other on the GH3?)
- And I should choose my white balance based on a peace of grey paper with the WB dial?
- Is the description above also the right order?

- And for now is there a way I can fix this in post? Using FCP X which I'm using? But I have access to Adobe too.


Ron Coker PLUS

3 hours ago

Yes. In PAL land The electric lighting is 50HZ AC. (USA NTSC 60HZ) Shutter set to 1/50 for PAL video, Tungsten lighting. The problem was flicker from shutter not at constant 1/50. Out of sync with the light pulse. Try this at home, vary the shutter to 1/60 with domestic light, You will notice flicker.
Auto WB is good for most situations, correct in post if need be. I was referring to exposure setting using the camera meter. Just meter on a subject that has an average (mid) light falling on it.
i don't have GH3 at the moment but several gh1s, GH2, Panasonic AF101 ! Cheers.

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Ok now I know what's causing my flickering so I can prevent it next shoot.


But for now I have to work with footage which has this failure. 
Not all is so bad as in the example but it's sometimes there. That's what you get if you're a one woman film crew multitasking - interviewing, filming and doing sounds with one new camera you barely know and two new microphones. Haha!  :rolleyes: 

So main question left is - Is there a way I can somehow 'repair' flickering in post (in FCP X)?

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Resolved! Thank you all for helping. I got my answer via Vimeo. In a way it's funny silly girl being so ambitious that she thinks she could get away with a new unknown camera she only handled once and two new mice doing a pretty technical shoot and interviewing. What was she thinking! Any way now I learned the hard and fast way about light frequencies and the stroboscopic effects on my footage. Hahaha!


Still don't know why you have a A function if it's not helpful and you should shoot in S or M mode .... I guess I will figure this out later. For now I'll start working on my footage and film ;-)







Possibly in FCPX set a few seconds of defective clip in time line. Expand time line to 1 frame increments, nudge play head with RT arrow key 1 frame at a time note when the flicker is apparent. Use the Blade Tool cut, remove that frame and others in that cycle. A time consuming job! The video would have a more staccato (choppy) Keystone Cops look. Perhaps you could cut this footage with good stock as an FX to give an edgy contemporary feel.
Tucked away in FCP is a Frame Blending Feature, I'm fairly sure. You may be able to apply this to smooth out playback. Try a Google search on this problem as there is bound to be others that have a work around for flicker.
When working out doors with manual shutter @ 1/50 you will need a 4x ND filter, (2 F stop reduction) allowing a camera setting of F11/F16 in mid day light @ 100ISO. You may prefer to use a ND Vari Fader to give more flexibility with your F stop settings for creative shots, narrow DOF etc.


Thank you all for helping!


I guess I start working with the footage which doesn't look that bad and then decide if I will goo to the suggested time consuming method (as if filming overall isn't time consuming ;-) Thanxs also for all the other suggestions I'm not sure yet what it all means but I will get there.


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