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  1. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for the Info! can't wait for your review and for this thing to get vlog so I can finally make a decision on buying it.
  2. Thanks @Andrew Reid for the files! great colors. What lens did you use? I noticed the anamorphic clare on the computer shot, wondering about what you used, specially on the car shots. Cheers, - k
  3. Yes!!! I am not joking when I say this, but a big incentive for me in probably buying the S1 would be emotive @Sage Can't wait.
  4. Hey Ed, great test. No f35? you did great stuff with it, why not in the test?
  5. Hey Mercer, did you ever find out about this? I've always noticed it and is pretty annoying.
  6. Great stuff guys. I can't believe I'm thinking of upgrading from the 5d2 to the 5d3 after so many years. Can anyone that have shots showing skintones share some more DNGs? that's where the real magic needs to happen. Only seen a few. thx!
  7. Hey hyalinejim, thx for these DNGs. I've graded ML Raw files before but there is something about the richness of these files that allows me to push the grade a lot further now. Very excited about this. Does anyone else out there has more skin tests DNGs they could share? that's where the magic happens. THX
  8. Hey Dan, where you able to resolve this? (pun highly intended) If I understood your question you can't change your raw clip to the bmd color space? you go under the RAW tab and go to Decode Using, then when you go to clip you should be able to just get bmd color space.
  9. So nobody has tried the Toshiba 1066x yet? I am thinking of buying one, just waiting for the first review on that, see if its worth it.
  10.   That comment just made my night.   I personally think that people like Bloom etc, or even Laforet (game changer was the MOVI for 15k?... still not over that) is that now people with probably less resources than them will have RAW, for less money than them and their expensive cams(which they probably get free or at least cheaper than the average joe).  And that's probably scary to them.  They both supported greatly if not amazingly the 5D2.  They helped start the DSLR revolution.... but now? they are way pass that point, and sadly forgot about that point in their careers.   btw, this IS the game changer we were hoping would happen when waited, and waited, and waited for the 5d3... thanks ML
  11. Thanks Andrew for such a great article.  It felt almost way to personal.      Had to post this, too funny not to     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOAsL9hA4Hg
  12. Would love to see this in the next Zacuto shootout!! By the way, why can't we donate anymore? I've been trying to send these guys some love but is been desabled.
  13. Don't know if you guys read this about a new adapter from Metabones:   http://www.metabones.com/info/105-info/180-metabones-introduces-third-generation-smart-adapter
  14. Hey Andrew, instead of exporting the DNG sequence from After Effects in a Lossless quicktime and then bringing that in to Premiere, try the "Adobe Dynamic Link" feature in Premiere, just look for the AE project, and it will open up all the compositions from that project and just bring it in.  You'll save some disk space and any other changes you do in After Effects will be reflected in the composition that is now a clip in Premiere.  I know is weird that you can't import the DNG sequence directly to Premiere but somehow it reads all those files through After Effects.
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