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What entry drone for paid projects?


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4 hours ago, Kisaha said:

Yes, my first concern is that I am going to crash it the second battery.

Second concern, is how much flight time I need for some worthy shots (just the basics),

Third, I really do not like the image quality of the previous ones (and action cameras), actually I detest them, so for a crash cam, I am using a small ASP-C mirrorless with a fish eye on it, much much better image quality, so the new P4p camera seems like a must for everyone (old footage wasn't cut greatly with our advanced mirrorless and intercheangable video cameras).

With all these said, I ideally would like a Mavic size one! With the Phantoms, you always need space on a car, no other option, and I favor light and easy carry equipment (that's why mirrorless, that's why APS-C native lenses, etc etc).

Thank you very much for your information. It needs some thinking, a used P3p can be a good idea for the begining, but the safety features and sensors of the newer ones worth the extra 1000€?!

To give you an idea this video (again just a test nothing really good) I took it after 7h of total fly time:

Attempting the same maneuvers with a toy drone as you have I would have crashed 50 times:-). If you come from the toy drones that are great to learn the basics you will find the stability of the phantom another world. Prior to the phantom I did fly maybe a total of 2h with the hubsan toy drone (5 min max flight with a battery:-( )

Btw the two videos are not my style of work, I do mostly sports/action so I'm just learning to be able to use it for MTB, Ski, Trial, Horseback riding, Icehockey, etc... to intercut with normal gimbal and tripod work.

For me the key point is always if I will use it or not. I only add stuff to my arsenal that I really use.... so I tend to have a few but great stuff that tons of gears that I rarely use.  


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The Phantom series are extremely easy to fly, the P4 and mavic are even more dumb proof with the anti-collision sensors. But at some point you must do the bare minimum, read the manual, watch 30 min of tutorial and train step by step for 2 days. If this is too much for you, stick to your camera and don't ever use a drone.

As for the video above with the two idiots from Finland I don t even know where to start: they don't install the prop correctly so of course the thing flip and crash upon take off. They don't remove the gimbal lock... they ignore all the battery warnings and try to fly too far. I mean what do you expect ? The drone is not the problem here.


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