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Panasonic G7 or Sony a6300 for feature film

Micah Mahaffey

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I've never tried EOSHD Pro Color but I've seen some nice work done with it from people on this board and Brandon Li. 

If you guys are looking for good sLog2 settings, with minimal post adjustment needed, then you should try Geoff's GFilm settings... he's been getting some stellar images with it.

Also, the guy who makes the Flaat profile for DSLRs has some interesting settings I'm gonna give a go next.

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Yeah, it's not really "seeing in the shadows " but allowing your subject to have enough light to be recognizable and separated enough from background. I also have the 1.4 but didn't take it cause the big front element would get scratched with the back element of the kowa that close to it, it vignettes notably in the corners even sitting in the canon front ring that has the lens info.

Yes to the kowa 16s, if you don't shoot directly to a big light it can be sharp enough at F1.8, better at 2.8. It goes cheaper than the 16h type and is lighter in weight  but can't be used with wider lenses.

It's going to be a suspense/terror short so it's fine to feel uncomfortable ;)

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As a user of the a6300 I have to vote against that camera if you can't afford multiple.

The image is great and the lackluster usability can be worked around but the overheating is real. Just had it again today shooting in a moderately warm kitchen. 

If you use an external field monitor, the camera doesn't go to sleep and will overheat before you manage to empty a single battery.

I wish Sony would bring a professional  APS-C camera but I don't think that will happen.

Semi regretting getting native lenses right now after missing a shot today, wish I would have gone for the BMMCC (but then I'd probably regret moire right now).

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Yesterday we shot a underground carnival with a few Sony cameras, the 6500, used only for gimbal work with the Crane, it is not a A first camera, it can be a second, but still not for demanding B camera's work. No one talks about how bad the 1080p is on these cameras, and I rarely shot 4K (we had to with the a6500 and a6300 because their HD is so bad). A7sII was alright, had the discussion with the guys that own 3 of those, overall not their favorite camera, we agreed that this camera is a trap to novices thinking they do not have to use any lights to achieve things. So wrong.

We did a fire in the end of the carnival, they burn the big sculptures that move around during the day when the sun sets, the young guys from the team (we were 10 people all together, but there were some young hipsters "helping" us, done nothing really, not even bring some water to help the continuous 14 hours shooting around Athens, with no brake at all) were really excited that would see the A7sII (they can't buy them yet, but that's what they want) working at night. I mean, we were shooting at a God-damn fire, why you need infinite ISO with that?!! anyway, the went as far as 10.000 with L series lenses, I was doing sound at that moment but I couldn't see myself going above 800 in that situation, it is a completely dark scene, with no lights at all in the middle of a square, and there is a huge fire in front of you. 

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