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Blackmagic ursa mini 4.6k pricedrop?

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Is there anything else out there which would force BMD to push its price down??? Nope. 

Who knows, BMD could always do something out of the blue like the 50% drop they did with the BMPCC a while ago (which very sadly they never again repeated....  well, aside from a very short moment here and there).


Likely until new cameras come out to give some downwards pressure the prices won't drop much?

The next ground breaking cameras in terms of low value / performance ratio, would be: Panasonic GH5, whatever BMD (& Kinefinity) announce at NAB 2017, Sony a7S/a7R mk3 (sometime 2017....), Sony FS5 mk2 (????), something randomly "out of the blue" (a new Kickstarter project?? JVC doing an update to the LS300??? Who knows what!!). 

I doubt any of those announcements in 2017 will make BMD feel like they "must" drop the price of the URSA Mini, the only one of those which might make an impact in dropping BMD's prices would be......   an announcement from BMD themselves! (but I keep on thinking that there must be finally a NAB when they do *not* announce a camera!! Give themselves breathing space, and a chance to catch up, and not ship cameras late for once!!)

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