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Bmpcc raw workflow in 2016


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Hi everybody,

a friend just gave me a bmpcc because I want to try and learn raw editing and grading.

I am used to FCPX (editing and grading) however I do not know yet resolve.

I watched at many tutorials on internet and I am not sure of the best workflow.

Many people use resolve, edit proxies, do the cut in FCPX or Premiere, back to resolve to grade and sometimes back to première to stabilize and add 2.35 lines.

However I notice that now in resolve you can do your cut and even stabilize your footage.... so you do not need to use another software?

am I right?

is the best raw workflow to do everything (editing, grading, stabilizing) into resolve in 2016?

thanks for your help

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It might be, depending on what you need to do. It's becoming a full fledge editor more and more with each passing release.

Honestly, I'd give it a whirl with bmpcc RAW footage to see if it can do everything you need. I definitely liked warp stabilizer in premiere much better than resolve's stabilizer, but that may have changed with newer releases. 

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8 hours ago, tweak said:

I like and use MLRawViewer, I wish they kept updating it. Newer programs are good but not the same thing.

Yeah, it's a good little program for a simple workflow. I'm sure you're not getting all of the benefits of Raw but the image still has the weight of Raw with an easy to edit and grade codec. Of course, I have read on a few sites that you shouldn't do any more than tweak the WB before getting it to an intermediate codec anyway... but like with all of this stuff... for every one person that says one thing, you can find two that say the opposite.

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I don't think you need proxies for bmpcc raw unless you use a really really old laptop. 


Anyhow, my flow is making selects and first color in resolve then jump into Premiere for my final edit. If I do see any color problems in Premiere after, I can usually fix it with a quick change in Lumetri before final delivery. Simple and I only switch programs once. 


I've tried to use Resolve as a one stop shop but because of my deadlines I've never really had the time to set up resolve with all my Premiere shortcuts for a fast editing solution. There's no other real reason I haven't done a full job in resolve yet.

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