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Heartbreaking!!! Canon 1D C, C500, Master Prime, and Canon Cine Zoom, all burnt up to a crisp!!


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After completion of the film, the camera equipment was scheduled for disposal aboard the non-return vehicles. “The plan was always to burn up the equipment,” Neihouse notes.“None of it was to return. The 12mm Master Prime, the 15.5-47mm Canon Cine Zoom, a 1D C and C500, and all of our accessories have already burned up, andwe just found out that the remainder of our equipment will be disposed of on the next non-return vehicle


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Heartbreaking?! I find it heartwarming knowing that those equipment helped capturing the most breathtaking images from an once-in-a-lifetime perspective.

It's a beautiful and fruitful one way trip.

4 hours ago, Michael Ma said:

That's a shame.  I wonder if it was salvageable at all, but they just didn't care because it was government money.  Are those capsule parachutes more expensive than all that equipment combined?.......yeah, probably..

It's not the astronauts' decision. Those gears are  just tools that had fulfilled their purposes. The return vehicle carried payload of paramount scientific value. That's something a few CMOS sensors, circuit boards or optics can never compare.

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Great article.. and amazing film project. People gotta understand the film budget is peanuts compared to the rest of the mission.. A couple lost cameras/lenses is no big deal whatsoever in the grand scheme of things..

Also what an advertising for Canon lol... their cameras were chosen  to go outer space because of:

A. simpler menu systems then Sony/Phantom  

B. less bulky then Arri  

C. their gear is NASA certified

D. test audience chose Canon colors over RED !

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