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Anamorphic Music Video

Caleb Genheimer

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I shot this a couple months ago, and had a blast! It's always changing, but my anamorphic rig is getting more useable. 


Kowa 16-H (still amongst the best ana glass.)

SLR Magic Rangefinder (could loose the blue blobs but otherwise does a great job.)

RedStan Clamps (what more needs to be said? They're the best, and they're red. Makes Canon L-glass jealous.)

Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8 (this lens just works. Really well. Set to f/4 and forget.)

Samsung NX1 (yeah I'm one of those guys. But this thing pays the bills, and will continue to do so for at least one more season.)



EDIT: yes, the anamorphic is not perfectly aligned. That's actually on purpose to add to the vintage low-fi aesthetic.

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Congratulations Caleb!!

Leaving apart the miss-aligned problems, i really like the video and the song.

You´ve been keeping away the "blue pokemons" in a really pleasant way.

You know my setup is really similar to yours, and now thinking about changing my FD 50mm for the konika 40mm...

Thanks for sharing!

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It's funny how lenses for anamorphic are. The Konica really isn't very inspiring on its own, but with the Kowa on front it's awesome. Conversely, my 50mm Zeiss C/Y is bonkers good on its own, but quite bland with the Kowa. 

It's a bit hair-splitting once web compression rears its ugly head, but full 4K files hide nothing.

I did a version with the skew fixed (actually quite easy to correct for in post if it's this minor), but I liked it better with the skew to it. Adds some low-fi and a sort of "toyish" aesthetic akin to tilt-shift. 

Makes it bleeding obvious that it hasn't been done with yet another Canon 5D and 24-70.

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It is the 77mm version with focus marks. I've not noticed any extra vignette, though I've not been looking for it either. The 40mm is pretty much as wide as you can go on s35 with the Kowa, and it still works with the rangefinder on front. 


Sometimes I put my Tokina ATX diopter behind the Rangefinder. Then it creates a tiny vignette in the corners at 2.40:1 ratio. 

All of this certainly vignettes at 3.55:1. 

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4 hours ago, Caleb Genheimer said:

Sometimes I put my Tokina ATX diopter behind the Rangefinder. Then it creates a tiny vignette in the corners at 2.40:1 ratio. 

Hi Caleb, could you elaborate on the purpose of putting the diopter in there? I gather close focus, but why not put it up front?

Cheers, Tim

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1 hour ago, Caleb Genheimer said:

That's where it fits. The Tokina ATX is very, very good. But it's a 72mm filter, so it goes on the 72mm Redstan. Then the step up to 77mm, with the rangefinder finally on front. I think the Rangefinder front is something like 82mm, so there would be serious vignetting with the Tokina on front.

Sounds good. Never heard about this setup, thanks for sharing! Effect on focusing is the same as without the RF? So 1/0.4= 2.5m as maximum focus distance?

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