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Perfect card to pair with your future 4K 60fps Panasonic GH5:


I remember the day a 512GB card was announced (exactly 2yrs ago!) and damn... I wanted one, but it cost nearly double what I paid for my BMPCC! (as it was, I ended up spending as much on hyperfast SD cards for the BMPCC as I did on buying the camera itself!)

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5 hours ago, ricardo_sousa11 said:

Terrible idea, this is how you'll loose probably a few gigs if the card fails.

Dont put all your eggs in a single basket!

This is why we need to see dual card slot recording to be more common place!

Imagine a GH5 with two card slots, you leave this 1TB card in all day long as a safety back up, then you use 128GB cards which you swap in and back up along the way during the shoot day. 

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