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#WeTrumpHate shot on Red MX - and why old cameras are good, and the defense of the ultra con


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3 hours ago, iamoui said:

The problem with this is that people have different definitions of "love." Some people show their "love" for their significant others by abusing them, physically or mentally. Some people show their "love" for God by blowing themselves, and others, up in order to live for eternity in paradise. It's like when John Lennon sang, "All you need is love." What a ridiculous and substance-less statement. It's woo woo.

What we need is proper education in how the world really works, how the universe works, how the laws of nature work, how our minds really work, how to think critically, and how to apply logic and reason.

Also, where are all of these "enlightened leaders" you speak of? We don't need leaders, we need to become the leaders. We can only achieve this by educating ourselves. With technology and the internet it's easier than ever to do so.

To clarify, let's define love as promoting life and hate as destroying life. Any use of the word love that isn't about promoting life isn't love. Romantic love and love in the form of attachment can be healthy but can also lead to great suffering when not truly promoting life. With these definitions, God is Love makes sense, regardless of one's religious or scientific beliefs. Where God is the Universe, and this Universe clearly promotes life.

Human beings are not logical, nor is the universe (quantum physics shows us this more and more), and thus critical thinking and logic haven't provided solutions to helping people get along. There is a concept called Perception is Projection, and in order to hate someone or something, one must first hate something in themselves that they then see in the outside world: each mind is running a separate and unique reality generator in their neural network. So, if you find yourself hating someone or something, ask yourself what is it in you that you hate that you are externally projecting on someone or something. Eastern martial arts teaches not to hate, even in battle, as they understand this concept. Thus those with intentions to destroy life will be stopped, but without hate. The same applies to love, one must first love oneself before they can love others.

Everyone would benefit learning NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to see how those truly in power are manipulating and using politicians and mainstream media for their own selfish goals at the expense of everyone else. What's the benefit to each of us for both parties hating each other? What's the benefit to those truly in power?

It's not a matter of needing leaders or not, leaders are a natural part of social systems and will always manifest. We change the world by first changing ourselves, helping those around us understand for example, what love really is, and so on from the bottom up or from our local sphere of influence outward. We cannot change the world from the top down. The top is holding on to power at all costs, and that's all that matters to them. While the topmost system is corrupt, we must love them too as much for them as for ourselves. You're right, there aren't any enlightened leaders, yet. Maybe you'll become one of them.

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thanks guys

I like it becomming an argument about hate/love.  I agree, I wish the HRC campaign wasn't about hating on Trump but addressing her platform and issues to inspire people.  By now we all know what a nut ball Trump is.


We shot at 4.5k widescreen.  I always tell them if they want they can crop as 16:9

It was Tucker Walsh the director's idea.  I just really have the roll in the photography and helping to direct the poses of the actors.  The biggest fun thing is with two or three people how to position them.  Also with a single portrait as well - angle their body - where to put their hands, their gaze.  Actions they can do.  

I wish I shot more wider shots and more slo motion.  Also 2nd unit had a good idea to have them walk into focus.  

There are always different things to do that I forgot.  I should look at more Egglestein or other street photographers in the future to see what poses they get.

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