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Samsung NX1 - Maximize the "RED" look


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58 minutes ago, timmyturntable said:

So, in the forums, people have noted that the sensor in the NX1 haves a similar look to the RED cameras.  Has any NX1 owners tried to maximize this effect so that the footage looks closer?  Regardless of how you "got" the look (camera settings, specific LUTs, coloring techniques)...

If so, please share.

Where did you hear that the NX1 looks similar to RED cameras. I am not saying it isn't true I have just not hear this.

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11 hours ago, AaronChicago said:

The colors are totally different. The focal lengths aren't even the same either. Weird comparison video.

Agreed ! I only shared this because I thought maybe the author was referring to this video. 

4 hours ago, timmyturntable said:

Maybe I was wrong...I do like the look of this though

Thanks :) I actually shot this with the NX1 and a Leica Summilux 50mm (thanks to a very good friend photographer). It's actually a modified NX1 to fit a Leica-M lenses. Regarding the colors it's just a M31 Lut if I remember correctly. 

That's my latest work with the NX1 : 



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