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County Fair with A7S2, 2X DSO FF58

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Embarrassingly I haven't shot much video on my A7S2 (and recently bought another BM Pocket).  A trip to the local fair was a great excuse to film some bokeh with my trusty 2X FF58.  I haven't even uploaded any 4K stuff to Vimeo so it was all a great reason to experiment.  Used Cine4 with s-gamut3, light grade with Film Convert.  I forgot my FF58 focuses past infinity so the out of focus bokeh isn't sharp...but ended up nice anyways.  I brought along photo lenses but ended up just taking a bunch of video instead - and wow battery life goes fast in 4K!  It's in 4K on Vimeo


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    • By Rob Bannister
      Went out to play with the Trump before sending it off for a few weeks. Tom was nice enough to demonstrate balancing these Rocks by the beach. Nice guy and I got to shoot into the sun for a bit.
      Nikon D800
      DSO Trump 58 with 2X Oval Anamorphic aperture

    • By Rob Bannister
      Hello everyone,
      These are just some random snaps cut together using the DSO Trump FF58 with a 1.5X oval aperture inside, combined with the iscorama 1.5X anamorhic.  Simulating the bokeh of a 2X anamorphic..
      Anyways I thought some of the shots looked pretty good an wanted to share. Pretty cool being able to shoot this on a D800 and not go to wide like 3.25:1
      Password is buds

    • By Rob Bannister
      Shot over the past few years when we go home to Salisbury NB. This is down by the river where the children play. WE have such a good time hanging out with friends and family here. Big thanks to everyone who comes out to see us while we are home.
      Shot on the Nikon D800 and D4 with the Dog Schidt Optiks FF58 Q1.5 Amber lens, Iscorama 1.5X anamorphic and other Nikkor lenses.

    • By Rob Bannister
      This is shot using the D800, DSO Trump FF58 with Oval aperture, the new flare sex filter and towards the end the Iscorama 1.5X anamorphic lens mounted inside the Trump for a 2X oval bokeh.
      Some images of the trump I'll grab one with the iscorama in there too.


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