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Panasonic G7 or GH4 as "A Cam"? (And other questions)


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4 hours ago, andy lee said:

because I like the look the image produces at the settings I use , It works for me and my work flow , I never resharpen an image in post , never ever ! get it right in camera .

use aspheric lenses on a speedbooster the image is superb

What's some good aspheric lenses? Oh and another question. Would you recommend me selling my gh3 for a g7 to pair with my gh4?

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On 7/28/2016 at 2:58 PM, sanveer said:

Just out of curiosity, isn't this like a private chat, instead of a group discussion, since 'Andy' is the one whom you want to address the question to ("Dear Andy")?
Maybe a private message would have been better in this case. That's just my opinion ... 

I very very strongly disagree with that! 

As it is totally 100% on topic for this forum, and if they wish to share it and make it public this discussion so otherwise can read and learn from it as well then that is FANTASTIC! :)

13 hours ago, mercer said:

Or as others have said, grab a couple H1s or the new Little Darling recorders from JuicedLink and lav up your actors. Even an inexpensive Azden lav will sound pretty damn good under those circumstances.

Or the Tascam DR-10C which looks to be even better! :-D



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