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New Canon 1DX Mkii Footage


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi
On ٢٨ مايو، ٢٠١٦ at 8:17 PM, kidzrevil said:

Visioncolor can make any Canon sing. I loved those profiles

Really? I got it due to the praise around the web. But I didn't like it one bit. 

Just to be sure we're on the same page is it the one that's called Visiontech in-camera, and comes with default settings of 

Sharpnes +2

Contrast -4

Saturation -2

Colour Tone -1 

And the profile has a raised black point similar to Cinestyle shadow lift but less severe? 

That's the one I bought and it does give a filmic feel SOOC without a grade even, but skin tones are really unflatering and green-ish Dark-ish Vs Brighter, smooth, reddish on Faithful and Portrait. 





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I helped beta this one (cinetech) used it for this 


the intention was to get a film look without crazy shifts in blue and red channels like the m31 lut people use and abuse lol

they have visiontech which is the equivalent of 0-255 with a +8 master pedestal to capture color information in darker tones cause apparently h.264 can careless about data below 9-255. Visioncolor was the one that uses 0-255. Worked great for me especially with filmconvert. @Ebrahim Saadawi


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Over the Memorial Day weekend we decided to pop over the San Francisco. I figured it would be a good opportunity to have a little fun with the 1DX MkII. We are still getting use to the camera but so far really like it. The batteries last a long time. I would generally get between 1-2 days out of each. I was also testing out a Zacuto Marauda... It helps but I definitely need practice to master it. I might end up returning the Zacuto and going with the Rhino Rig, which I expect to have in hand next week. I think the Rhino Rig should be more stable and can break down pretty small also. FYI: I also had a chance to stop by Sammys Camera and check out the Canon 11-24mm... It's an impressive piece of glass. I will have some test shots with that bad boy later on. I forget the exact settings, but I know in a few of the shots I was pushing the ISO in excess of 8,000 and it seemed to hold up pretty well. I know that some of you dislike the new color profile, but I personally love it. I did load some flat picture styles onto the camera, but don't think I used them in these clips. Sorry for the clipping of the audio, I just wanted to throw this up so you could all see what it looks like in the hands of a non-pro.


Canon 1DX MkII - San Francisco.jpg

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