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Ikonoskop A-Cam DII vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera


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Super 16mm      12.52 x 07.41 mm

Ikonoskop          10.6 X 6mm


It would make a difference and it isn't right to claim it as being Super 16mm sized.


That aside The guy was saying the Ikonoskop was better than a BMC because it had less resolution and was super 16mm sized. Both reasons are really an attempt at trying to jusify his purchase  as being better than a BMC an argument that is completely flawed..  

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I agree.


Hopefully soon more Ikonoskop A-Cam Dll owner/operators will release thier footage so we can answer those questions.


Would love to see a narrative feature or serious 10 minute + short film (narrative) and really see what the Ikonoskop can do.

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