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Ikonoskop A-Cam DII vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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Ikonoskop sensor is about the same size as the Thomson Viper camera's sensor. Some pretty good looking films have been shot with it, being slightly larger so it's the same as super 16 would probably not make much of a difference.

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Super 16mm      12.52 x 07.41 mm

Ikonoskop          10.6 X 6mm


It would make a difference and it isn't right to claim it as being Super 16mm sized.


That aside The guy was saying the Ikonoskop was better than a BMC because it had less resolution and was super 16mm sized. Both reasons are really an attempt at trying to jusify his purchase  as being better than a BMC an argument that is completely flawed..  

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These terms are an approximation, APS-C is often referred to as Super 35 size, and they're not the exact same size either.


The projection aperture for Super16mm film is 11.76 by 7.08 mm, so the difference is not that big, and you can definitely use Super 16mm lenses.

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Why would you project Super 16mm ? It was developed for blow up to 35mm.


I shoot on Super 16mm and have the footage transferred to edit in digital I certainly wouldnt be showing it on a projector.

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I agree.


Hopefully soon more Ikonoskop A-Cam Dll owner/operators will release thier footage so we can answer those questions.


Would love to see a narrative feature or serious 10 minute + short film (narrative) and really see what the Ikonoskop can do.


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