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B&H Photo - largest seller of camera gear in USA exploits workers


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Anyone who thinks workers aren't exploited is living in a hypnotic state. I've been exploited in every job I ever I had. Capitalism is by design a system of exploitation.

Everyone who can exploit you will try and exploit you. There are no good and bad employers, or countries. I would believe Japan is better, but I cannot say with absolutele certainty.


I think the The Revenant - Innaurtu not Cuaron.  Also Mad Max labor conditions were poor.

The answer is that regulation of worker safety conditions are challenging but there is some progress as seen here in Bangladesh - https://www.thenation.com/article/how-you-make-garment-factories-safer/

Obviously it is a challenge to have corporations have decent workers standards and still turn a profit.

How do companies compete again H&M when their shirts cost $5 USD?

But in the case of gear equipment - several people have already pointed out stores in the US that have better working conditions than B&H.  Barn door outfitters.

Newegg which is featured here in an article - http://www.extremetech.com/electronics/105827-cracking-the-shell-inside-neweggs-east-coast-distribution-center

Basically type in a company name and "class action lawsuit" and you'll see that only really B&H comes up.  Adorama didn't.

About the anti-Islam comments on Al-Jeezera - wouldn't you be suprised if you knew that twitter is partially owned by a Saudi comglamerate, as are a lot of other companies globally.

Also BP, the gas company is owned by Saudi money


And the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. So how is the Washington Post biased in its coverage of Amazon?  And why was the NYTimes the paper to show horrible working conditions at Amazon, and not the Washington Post?

 Yeah the Revenant. I had forgotten the name of the film, I juest rememebred Leonardo was in it. Here:


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I can't remember seeing a film that made me say "Wow". Especially not an Iñárritu film.

You didn't love Birdman?  That to me captured so many incredible moments - captured the nature of acting, of family, of self-concern  - just so many things and was beautifully filmed.

Oh Patrick, nothing pleases you.  What are your favorite films and or directors?

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what about Wim Wenders and Fassbinder and Werner Herzog?  Thanks I'm going to watch their films.  Any ones to recommend?

Bela Tarr is on top of my list too next to Tarkovsky. Very similar. Slow pace, long takes. 

The first one that I watched was Werckmeister harmonies. I had to watch it again and again. 

Then I went with hist most unique one the Satantango. If you have the time watch it in one go and it will take you to some amazing places. 

The Turin horse dives deeper into the human being. Its his last. He said he didn't have anything else to say and he stopped making movies. 

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Just purchased my Atomos Samurai Blade and SSD from B&H this morning. (even worse... I'm an overseas buyer! Who is using a reshipping service! OMG)

Usually I tend to use Amazon a bit more than I use B&H, but this time I intentionally went for B&H over Amazon specifically because of this recent Union/SJW/AlJazeera beat up. Felt like I might as well do a bit of good in going a small way to balancing out some of the many orders I'm sure they've unfortunately lost due to this.

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Wow Patrick, did you see Paris, TX?  I think it's a grounbreaking study of a relationship and a beautiful visual poem.

Bela Tarr is great, but sometimes one can be in the mood for watching a different style.

Truffaut is no worse than Godard even if Truffaut can be more relatable for more people.

And the same holds true for Orson Welles and Hitchcock, filmmakers who were laughed at when they were alive.

Some days I love abbas kiarostami and some days I love watching Luc Besson - open your heart.


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Really, I have been shopping with B&h for years and I find the service beyond any other store around. The knowledgeable and professional and the article written is crap. Check the sources of the articles before posting. Big business in destroying companies reputation. I will continue to shop and recommend. If your so poorly treated then find another job elsewhere. Simple and logical and easy as well, that of course. 

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