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New Wireless Mic?


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Hello Folks, I'm curious what kind of wireless mic units you like and why?

I have a 7 year old  Sennheiser g2 ew 100 and understand that there are new options available.

Also, I've been running A Sennheiser 416 as a camera mount mic but sometimes find that it is too directional. Does anyone here use anything other than the Rode Video Mics?

Would appreciate any advice.


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I am not an audio professional but most audio professionals I've encountered will tell that they prefer a wired mic over a wireless all the time and in general a boomed mic over a lav mic as well (Either shotgun or hypercardioid depending on surroundings). But sometimes you simply need wireless to get the job done. I have a G3 system and it gets the job done (Actually I've never, ever, had a problem with it) but cost me quite a bit but and if I was on a budget I'd look at Rode's wireless offerings, they are bulkier but they are easier to set up and use and priced really reasonably in my opinion. Sennheiser also has new equipment that is far easier to use but it is not cheap but will probably last forever.

One investment I made is buying a set of adaptors for my wireless lavs that will let me feed them phantom power from a wire. This way if I'm on a shoot and I'm having problems with wireless I can still feed them into a mixer, or in my case a simple Juiced Link box. Sennheiser makes these adaptors for about $130 US each but there is a nice company in the UK that makes them for half the price as well. http://www.canford.co.uk/ 

The product I bought for my G3 kit is:


Also the stock lavs that come with wireless kits are nothing special, many folks update these.

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Aside from the wireless options, Franz put me onto this as the juicedlink (Lil darlin') version is hung up in a legal battle over patents. http://tascam.com/product/dr-10c/ I love this unit as an option to the wireless units. Only issue is you absolutely have to make sure that you've got your lav mic mounted and protected decently or the audio could suffer. I've been looking at this product: http://www.rode.com/accessories/invisilav for a while but from the youtube clips I've seen it does not mitigate clothing noise even though the mic is fixed inside the silicone. Here is one of the best videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D85HmR825wM) I've found that shows lav mounting options.

My current situation is that I'm working without a sound person and I'm chasing after people with a mic mounted to them on the outside of their clothing. I want to find a method of hiding the mic but making sure that it is not picking up clothing noise while they move. The subject that I will spend the next year with will be a woman so I'm hoping to drop the lav between her breasts and that will keep he shirt off the mic. Any thoughts?

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