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cost of a GH2 second hand


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The 14-42 lens costs $50-100 and the 14-140 about $500-600, new.


A second hand GH2 should, fetch you about $200.


Though, I think, you should keep the 14-140 lens. Its not fast (rather, its quite slow). But, it has a superb range (28mm-280mm equivalent). And, its a pretty good quality lens.

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Thanks for all the advice. I'm in the UK, so converting the prices I should hopefully be getting about £125 for the camera and between 300 and 375 for the lens.


GH2 in the Uk goes for 400 - 450 pounds for the body only on ebay


you will get 80 pounds for the lens


put it on 'buy it now ' and not an auction

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