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  1. You've got a wicked sense of humor Andrew, implying that Boris Johnson got Coronavirus by shaking hands with coronavirus patients when he got it from an MP. I agree with you that people ignore the facts and only listen to media that only agrees with their point of view
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I'm in the UK, so converting the prices I should hopefully be getting about £125 for the camera and between 300 and 375 for the lens.
  3. Hi I've just got myself a GH3 :D and I was just wondering what people here think I might get for my GH2 with 14-140 lens, Andrew's excellent books, the CallBox video guides and Unoffical Quintessential guide on ebay?
  4. Where are you guys getting your Kowa Bell & Howell's from - I keep checking ebay but of the very few that show up I'm always outbid at the last second (which is getting very annoying!)
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