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Skate Brooklyn and Tabor videos

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Hi everyone,

The other day I finished editing some videos that I've been woking on.


This was an experiment in shooting Black and White at 720p 60 fps for slow motion. Other then some minor issues with compressing for Vimeo, I really like how this one turned out. It was shot on a GH1 with Pentax 50mm and 80 ~ 200mm lenses. It was shot on Mt. Tabor overlooking the Portland city skyline. It just so happend that it was the Fall equinox on that day hence the name.


recently I went to a local skatepark with my son and shot some video of him and his friends. I wanted to shoot a skate video that didn't look like the typical films of that genre. this was also to practice flow focus and shooting action which I never do normally. Agin, Shot on GH1, 1080p 24 fps with Pentax 50mm.

Comments and critique welcome. Thanks for watching. :-)

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