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part 3 of Zacuto camera shootout now up.


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[quote name='jgharding' timestamp='1345293834' post='15970']If I won the Euromillions, I'd still buy an Alexa though ;) it's easier to use than a breadknife and looks the nuts.[/quote]

I believe every letter of your words. If either of us won the Euromillions, if we then ever felt the urge to browse the EOSHD forum, I think our words might sound patronizing to all the ambitious GH2 users. You know, for 700 €, the performance is quite good.

Yet, at the same time, our creativity would not grow. Picasso painted when he was destitute, John Huston directed when his lungs already collapsed, Beethoven composed when he was deaf and had painfully swollen intestines. Not that I compare myself to any of them, I just say an Alexa doesn't shoot my film.
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[quote name='Axel' timestamp='1345295517' post='15973']
Yet, at the same time, our creativity would not grow. Picasso painted when he was destitute, John Huston directed when his lungs already collapsed, Beethoven composed when he was deaf and had painfully swollen intestines. Not that I compare myself to any of them, I just say an Alexa doesn't shoot my film.

Tis true! They always say that talent shines through, and hopefully it always will! These are all just tools with which to make some art, conduits for expression, they should really be secondary once they're mastered or at least grasped. They are great fun to learn and discuss, but shouldn't rule our lives or the way we express ourselves. They always say: shoot, right now! With whatever you have. You'll learn than more not shooting but wishing you had something else to shoot with.
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[quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1345289787' post='15965']
This gets boring very quickly. 1 - it wasn't just fanboys trumpeting the GH2, it was Francis Ford Coppola. 2. I find the fanboy thing offensive because it implies a lack of technical judgement, clouded by emotion.

[b][i]Go and tell the grading studio Andy Lee knows in the UK who said the GH2 holds up brilliantly in post - and they have been dealing with stuff from Red and Alexa for years.[/i][/b]

Andrew has done a superb job of bring the GH2 to a much wider group of people because of this forum he has set up.
I for one only considered switching to a GH2 from years with Canons because of Andrew's work detailing how to get the best out of this great little camera.
I reciently took a hard disc full of GH2 footage to be graded on a Flame Hi end machine at the Facilitys House I have been using for nearly 20 years now......and they are very used to handling Arri Alexa, Canon C300 and Red Raw Files for feature films they have edited and commercials.
The GH2 footage looked superb on their ref monitors AND had a big lattitue in the grade and held alot of infomation that could be pulled out if needed....
I was runing Driftwood Quantum 9b hack exactly like the Zacuto shoot out.
They said these files are as good as any Red or Arri file was have worked on, the GH2 footage I shot was comparable to those cameras and in that bracket of quality and detail.

We all have the choise to use what ever camera we want ...I think for me the GH2 is a great camera for the money and gives me the quaility that is almost as good as the bigger more expensive cameras like Epic, Arri and Sony F65 if used creatively and with good lighting.

Andrew has shot some superb looking films with his GH2 as have many many other people accross the world and people will continue to do so.

The GH2 is genuinely democratising film making for all of us!

So get shooting and get busy !!
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After checking the link to Drew's video about DR/modes I just ran a fast test with the Nostalgic I normally use and the Vibrant, pushing underexposed interior shots in post... man, was he right!! Way less noise and much more usable detail in very dark areas... this will really increase the potential of the GH2 for me (and I too find the fanboy use offending...) Thanks!
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Well, I guess there is No Possible Way, to have the same setting for all the cameras, and say, that, one performs better than the other. The thought, itself, is ludicrous.

Also, the same applies, for lighting. For many different reasons. Some cameras have greener (or yellow) shades (hues), and others red. Also, for the same ISO setting, different cameras will show different levels of brightness. Apart from this, the GH2 has a very peculiar characteristic. Very often, you have to switch it on at Higher ISOs and Gradually, lower it to the required ISO, or avoid certain ISO jumps, from certain ISO settings. otherwise it cause noise and some peculiar version of banding. Its some kindda ISO Bug, which is very obvious, sometimes, and not so obvious, at other moments.


Tests can never be based on the same conditions. Lighting, or otherwise. If that were the case, all the cameras should have shot the Same video, in the same Format, at the Same Bit Rate, at the same ISO, using exactly the same lenses. Among everything else being constant.

Also, people stating that setting up the GH2 takes long, and is a tedious process, are obviously into the whole studio paraphernalia, where there carry huge Rails, and large Tripods, with huge screens to check everything, and lotsa equipment, and make the humble GH2 look like a bazooka, good enough to bring down an entire city. They obviously have no idea about Indie Film shooting, or using modern day DSLRs, the way they are meant to be.

Having said this, I guess, its every filmmakers duty (whether a DoP, Director or Gaffer), to ensure, that every camera, is allowed to bring out the best results, keeping the Production Limitations in Mind. Imagine using these monstrous sized extras on a GH2, to shoot a film like the Primer or some other Microbudget Indie.It would draw so much unnecessary attention towards itself, apart from the headache of extra crew, extra equipment etc etc.

I guess, taking resolutions to 4k and 5k and 6k, is making film-making more of a technological spoof, and less of film-making. Maybe, much like the 48fps, that Peter Jackson came up with. And, Ironically, its the same people who whine about Panasonic and other new age (Miroorless) lenses being too sharp. That, they don't look dreamy and soft enough.

P.S.: Btw, Please Ignore any, ahem, 'evil thoughts' about the pernicious little weasel (jill, actually). Its her mating season.
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[quote name='evil_thought2' timestamp='1345282269' post='15955']
or see the description on the site:


"[color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana][size=3]In Part One we issued a challenge to the viewer to pick their favorite shot in a blind line up of all nine cameras, where you could only relay on creativity and your own personal taste. Part Two shocked and surprised you when we revealed which camera was which, and the debate began over how much creativity of the cinematographer plays a part in the final image.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana][size=3]Now in the reveal in Part Three, the final piece of the puzzle fits into place. The pixel peepers will finally breathe a sigh of relief to see how the cameras stack up against one another under the same grueling conditions. [b]We put each of the nine cameras through three different shots with the same rigorous lighting designed by Bruce Logan, ASC.[/b][/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana][size=3]We’ll give you glimpses of the RAW ungraded footage side-by-side with the graded, to show you what each camera is natively capable of. You’ll also see two brand new shots that better illustrate the differences between each camera. We’ll also give you a comparison between the original lighting and how each DP changed their shot for their creative version.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana][size=3]As we come full circle with the conclusion of the “Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012” we hope that we’ve inspired you to go out and continue learning and developing yourself as a filmmaker."[/size][/font][/color]

OMG! I can't believe I didn't read that! Yep, it's oficial, I'm kinda slow. I feel like a fool for making a fuss over nothing at all. ;-)

Thanks evil_thought2!
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