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    92F reacted to Trek of Joy in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    Well that's the FX6, I don't think anyone expects a shrunken FX6 that undercuts its price by that much. Though I think they could have pushed the price point a higher and included all that. IMO that's the problem with the rumor mill, it creates crazy expectations with all the bullshit, and then things come crashing down with actual specs or prices. 
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    92F reacted to Paul Jonathan in Blackmagic Camera Update Feb 17   
    Awesome, thanks Mr. Freeze.
    ntblowz, theres a few others making 3500mah batteries, I just ordered some from Patona and will test them against the Blackmagic branded one once the camera gets here.
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    92F reacted to EphraimP in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    I'd say that's a bit of an overstatement. You may not need any of this year's new offerings, or last years. But you have no idea what other professionals are shooting on, or what equipment will make their jobs easier or what will help them book more jobs or sell more productions or help them boost their rates.
    If you don't like the way the market's trending, awesome! Vote with your wallet. I won't be getting an FX3, or a A7SIII for that matter, or an FX6, a Pocket 6K Pro, or an R5 or an R6. But I'm not going to pretend that just because these cameras, or Panasonics offerings or any number of other cameras out there don't work for me, are not the right camera for someone else.
    The whole idea of individual shooters determining what other people need is quite silly. Yes, the market might offer a whole lot of choices a whole lot more quickly than it did in the past. Some of it is pure marketing, as the FX3 seems to be. But a fair amount of it is due to more rapid technical innovation, some of it is due to market disruptors like BMD and the new breed of Chinese cine camera companies forcing the big dogs to compete on price and features. And some of it is camera companies scrambling to see what features and body styles will get a shrinking market excited.
    In the end, we actually benefit from these new releases, if we're smart enough to weigh the options carefully and only buy what we as individual shooters need and can swing. That's the way I see it, anyway.
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    92F reacted to Video Hummus in SONY FX3 new camera to be announced   
    Simple answer, because Panasonic didn't send them a bunch of stuff and a free camera to review and return.
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    92F reacted to kye in Blackmagic Camera Update Feb 17   
    That doesn't make the camera a hand-held camera, it makes those lenses handheld lenses.
    Name a camera that isn't a handheld camera then.  It's like saying that my dining room table is a cocktail table because it is compatible with cocktail making equipment.  
    By that logic my dining table is also a boat table, because:

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    92F reacted to MurtlandPhoto in Blackmagic Camera Update Feb 17   
    Taking away a major internal feature from the P6K to make your argument doesn't really work, though. For my money, two P6K Pros are worth more than one C70. You may feel differently. Everyone has a different balance they need to reach.
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    92F reacted to IronFilm in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    It is not ridiculous in the slightest. 

    Heck, there are even pro lenses which are f5.6!!

    F-Stop has relatively little to do with if they're "pro" or not. 
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    92F reacted to Thpriest in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    At present I'm keeping my GH5 and GH5S for streaming and some 2 camera jobs along with the 12-35 2.8 and 35-100 2.8.
    I have already sold my Sigma 18-35. The Speedbooster and my Voigtlanders are on sale. I'm going to put the 10-25mm up for sale to. Really great kit but as I had to buy a Sony A7iii for client work I'm thinking about going all in on Sony. 
    I love those Panasonics but I would need a really good reason to trust that m43 has a future. I'd suggest that someone tell Panasonic that they need a very clear GH6 announcement very soon before many others jump ship.
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    92F reacted to Origami101 in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    One thing to note, we're not seeing the steady trickle of rumours from Panasonic you'd expect if the GH6 were imminent. All the 4/3 rumors post that kicked this thread back to life shared was that, yes, Sony's listed a new m4/3 sensor in their catalog. It's pure guesswork that's heading to a GH6. Where're the hints and teases you'd expect from the Panasonic side ('Breaking! the GH6 features [shiny new spec]!'? 
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    92F reacted to Happy Daze in Zoom's 32-bit Tascam dr-10l Competitor   
    This is my experience with the Zoom F2. Please understand that I tried so hard to love it.
    This video was meant to be a full review of the F2 but frustratingly I gave up and published my babble up to the point where I conceded. I call it the unfinished review.
    I don't think Zoom will be sending me products for free any time soon. But, if they solve the issues then I'm happy to revisit the review.
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    92F reacted to josdr in S5 vs A7S III - High ISO   
    You are correct. The x-t3 sensor is Sony derived and that has been the case for models
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    92F got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in S5 vs A7S III - High ISO   
    Yes ...In the case of a native dual ISO (Panasonic), the dynamics offered via each of the two native  ISO concerned,  is exactly the same ( "X" stops above the medium gray, "Y" stops below)
    I d'ont know ...
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