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  1. 8k raw? Are they nuts? Who's going to be able to manage those files? And of course... Only canon log. No log 2 or 3 so it will have limited DR
  2. Quite an attack... https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/21/canon-announces-the-c300-mark-iii/ https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/21/canon-c300-mark-iii-hands-on-footage/ https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/21/canon-eos-r5-specifications/
  3. Totally worth it for someone who's interested in knowing more about cinematography and set relationships. On patreon you have some live streams, film breakdowns and other topics.
  4. There is a hack for the f5 to unlock 4k. Sony eventually released a firmware to do that as well.
  5. I've seen a few sony f55 going for 10k with EVF and accessories. Always wondered about this camera and it's global shutter.
  6. Wow, an Amira for 12k... The Alexa classic only shoots 1080p or 2.8k so that is a factor of the price drop as well. The mini with its higher resolution will stay relevant for several years.
  7. Hello everyone, As production is continuing to shut down and the remaining ones are working will skeleton crews, as webcam interviews are now common and other ways to reduce crews and increase safety, what do you think the industry will learn from all this social distancing and the coronavirus? Do you think crews will all be the same as usual or this method of multitasking will increase in the future, as it was kind of already going in that direction?
  8. @Kisaha Nice, thanks for the info.
  9. Would love a "cheap" EVF. Something around 800$. Also a fullframe ursa mini pro in a smaller sizer than previous models with dual iso.
  10. Anyone has experience with the rycote baby ball ? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/745941-REG/Rycote_011007_Baby_Ball_Gag_Windshield.html Was planning on this with a deadcat for a on camera mic.
  11. Probably an April fools joke.
  12. 8k will be a nightmare for editing and storage. No thanks.
  13. Wow, the sony really stands out. Good surprise with the canon.
  14. I usually do. That's why I bought the rycote softie which is 100$ instead of the rode one. But I'm disappointed at the performance. Luckily I have a few old deadcats that might work as solution.
  15. That's just being an American... Obama talked about America as being the indespensible country. Bush and the land of the free. Trump with being great again. It's part of their swag to act like dicks and to think they own the world.I don't know why, specially with all their own problems with roughly 15% of people living in poverty, about 40% of people not being able to support an unforseen 400 dollars payment, income inequality, racial inequality, lack of affordable Healthcare, militarism, voter suppression, government surveillance, etc etc. No country is perfect but America sure has a lot to go through in order to be "great again". https://youtu.be/8OovqEjGijs
  16. Long time lurker but new to the forum. While I agree that it's impossible to have an argument with some people nowadays, specially with Trump voters but also democrats, as we all have become too tribal. I don't think banning is the way to go, as that only perpetuates the division. It's a tuff choice. Hope you make the right one for the forum Andrew.
  17. I know... I now have the Dr 10l for lav and I use a zoom h1n on the camera with a Shotgun mic for sound.
  18. Unfortunately I'm not working with a sound team, it's just me with the mic and camera. Blimp is a no go. Thanks for the help.
  19. The wind was coming from the front and still damaged the audio. I tested at home blowing from different directions and always got bad results. Maybe I was expecting too much from a 100$ deadcat? Seems ridiculous.
  20. @IronFilm What's your take on recording audio in windy conditions? I just got back from a quick shoot with a rode videomic ntg and a rycote classic softie and was disappointed how the wind affected the recording. Just a light breeze! Got better results with an azden smx30 and their own deadcat. Any recommendation other than rycote?
  21. Why not use the slider in-between the tripod legs and the fluid head? I've always used my slider setups like that and never had any problems.
  22. It's a technique of combining a darker exposure and a lighter exposure in order to have a bigger dynamic range to work with.
  23. I'm guessing the c500 will keep fullframe and the other models will maintain s35.
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