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  1. The S5 charges while off and gives it continuous power while on and in use, the only time I've seen the battery drain depends on the power source. If you plug it into a wall with something capable of suppling proper juice or a portable charger with pd power I even have a fx lion nano and use the usb c port on there to supply continuous power
  2. im interested in how it compares to an atem mini pro
  3. are there any modes that allow unlimited recording?
  4. I got it late September and I'm in the uk but pre ordered on announcement day, also I just managed to get spare batteries today so now I have three.
  5. has anyone tried this with a camera that has ibis?
  6. every reviewer keeps saying you can use this with a drone but nobody ever mentions what drone works with it so can someone here list the type of drones that work with it please? are there any cheaper drone options for this cam?
  7. I think I’ll get the g7 as a second angle for interviews during covid but once things go back to normal I’ll happy pick up another s5 as I’ve got a few more pressing issues. Thanks for the advice, second S5 in spring when most of the events I do are back hopefully
  8. love this idea, I will get the g7 as my tripod interview and one of mutlicam cameras and comeback for a g9 later. Yes I really want to pair the 50-200mm with the g9 hopefully next year
  9. Well I want mft or camcorder for telephoto range in a small size compared to the size of a full frame lens
  10. Hello I've got an S5 and really enjoying it, now I wanted to get a second camera to compliment it as a second angle for interviews and longer focal range for documentary and sports work. I was looking into the g9 with Panasonic 50-200 used or Panasonic hc x2000 camcorder with its crazy zoom. However with Covid cases going up again I don't want to spend that money right now I just want a second camera angle for now but as cheap as possible and easy to match with the s5. Currently I'm leaving towards a used g9 with a cheap lens as I can add to it when things pick up
  11. You mention some good points, I want something to compliment my S5 but maybe a G9 with the 50-200mm lens on it can be my B cam that I pull out for those telephoto shots in sports and docs doesn't hurt that you can do ex tele conv as well and get some extra range and use IS lock
  12. Hi I was looking at the HC-X1500/2000 as the perfect companion for my s5 for interviews and docs and sporting events and the quick moving aspect of any non controlled shoot. image looked good to me considering the uses from what I've seen online. Have you tried in person? I think coz of the small sensor almost everything is in focus so autofocus seems good because of that
  13. Hello, currently have a GH5 and GH5S but looking to sell the GH5S and replace it with a P4K and soon after add a second P4K. Can anyone recommend any lenses MFT or adapted that have good manual focusing with a long focus throw, I have the sigma 18-35 but the throw seems very short which is problematic during events. Also If anyone has experience with the new Panasonic 10-25mm how is the manual focusing?
  14. Slightly off topic but does anyone know what font is used in this thumbnail, I've tried to find a similar style but this is the exact one I want
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