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  1. Colors look very pleasing at first sight. The only thing I was truly hoping for was a 4:3 video mode so I can adapt my 2x anamorphic setups in s35 crop mode. According to brand ambassador Jacob James there's no 4:3 with the current FW. If they will implement a 4:3 mode with supported IBIS like in the gh5 I might be aboard. If it can do 4/6k in photomode at 30fps 4:3 I don't see why anamorphic wouldn't be possible with a FW update.
  2. Nice shots JG. I'm wondering about the smearing with other lenses. When I had the baby iscorama (focusing one) it really didn't like my KMZ helios 44-2 while I have a very good copy which is pretty sharp wide open with other anamorphic setups. For some reason the baby iscorama and helios just didn't match. I did much much better with the flektogon and a 1.8 zuiko. I sold it a year ago but I'm really interested if this zeiss is better wide open with a good taking lens, especially in the corners.
  3. When I fly my anamorphics I don't use any singlefocus solution since I can't do any remote focusing anyway (atleast without a puller). I keep the subject within a certain distance. I don't own the crane 2 so can't say anything about that but I do own a gimbal which held my setup fairly nice, albeit without a variable diopter.
  4. Very nice shots JSD, thanks for sharing. The scope reminds me a bit of the baby isco in terms of bokeh render and flares.
  5. I had one back in 2016, the single focus version. Glass was pristine but it didn't like certain taking lenses. With an helios it was a bloom fest up to f5.6/f8, with a zuiko 50mm stopped down to f2.8 it was a much better match with less halation and a crisp centre. The edges stayed somewhat soft though. It's a nice lens to play around with and very easy to work with but it isn't a lens for general anamorphic purpose since the look is very strong and the use is fairly limited. The plus side is the minimal focus distance of 0.5m without diopters. Unless you can get one for really cheap and do passion projects with it I wouldn't recommend this as your main anamorphot. Some old baby isco footage I shot with the gh4, color grade was shit since I screwed up the WB.
  6. I have the FVD16a from Rapido and it's a really good performer. No degradation of the image and sharp wide open. Concerning the import taxes I asked if they could ship with a low invoice rate. If customs doesn't open the box check the real value the import tax is really low, I only paid €26 to customs. It's no guarantee though but it worked out for me.
  7. Hi Andrew, the black dot is called a spot meter. Some C-mounts had this for motorized mounts. From Schneider: I don't know if you can remove it but I like the non clinical vibe of the lens non the less, I have the 25mm f0.95 Xenon and currently eyeballing a 50mm f0.95 Xenon.
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