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  1. Over there? Not directly, though my good friends have started up wrestling organizations in Italy and Portugal! They are building professional wrestling in those countries from the ground up!
  2. If you're ever interested I know of places in Southern Europe where you can see this! Might be an interesting documentary subject!
  3. I was talking to a friend yesterday as I went through footage and he was so surprised that I shot with the GH5 using AF. "The auto focus is terrible though!" People at this point just repeat it because they've seen videos where people play peekaboo to show how "bad" it is. Would it be cool if Panasonic could match Canon or Sony? Of course! Is it awful though? Far from it! I just hope that maybe this post went a little ways in dispelling this myth, especially as the GH5 can be had both new and used for such little money. What a truly magnificent camera!
  4. Hear me out: It's not GREAT. But I'm tired of hearing the same claims that Panasonic's auto focus (specifically the GH5) is "awful." Here is a two minute clip from a pro wrestling event I shot last night. I used the Panasonic 12-35mm with one area auto focus. Lighting is terrible in that venue, so please forgive that. I chose this to share because there's a lot of movement and action going on, and as you can see the auto focus does a pretty good job. I just figured I would share this to show what the GH5 is capable of in a real world, practical situation.
  5. Probably a dumb question, but do Minolta Rokkor MD lenses cover the entire full frame sensor? I've only ever tried on M43 cameras.
  6. Autogain is when the volume is adjusted automatically up or down based on the volume of the input. For instance, if a speaker lowers their voice it will add gain to boost the audio. Automix handles the mixing of the audio automatically, fading in and out in the mix based on whether there's any audio or not. Think of it as what you do after you've set your audio gain / levels. Autogain and Automix aren't ideal. I'd only recommend using either as a last resort. When I'm a one man crew and am absolutely unable to monitor multiple audio recorders I'll use autogain unless I know the person knows to speak at a consistent level. They're not a substitute for having someone handling all of that.
  7. If you have the money get a nicer ND, but it's really not necessary. With a custom white balance and that $7.99 gray card I posted you'll be good to go. I'd just save the money!
  8. Resolution, when it comes to streaming, is kind of (but not totally) irrelevant. YouTube 1080p is so compressed that the resolution doesn't matter at all. 4K is a bit better on YouTube but again calling it 4K is misleading because it's the bare minimum when it comes to quality.
  9. None of this helps RED but they'll survive this. Worse case scenario they lose their patent and/or their ability to keep third parties from releasing alternative accessories. Their user base is very loyal and ultimately they still have incredible cameras. They may be forced to change business, but they won't be out of business.
  10. Lightdow 12 x 12 Inch (30 x 30 cm) White Balance 18% Gray Reference Reflector Grey Card with Carry Bag [Folded Version] https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00HT9MA1W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_sjwKDbJFCK8A6 That's the one I have. It folds up into a tiny little bag.
  11. That'd be very cool, though I'd be happy with S35 and M43 combo again 😎
  12. I am related to a few! They very much talk about their tools.
  13. I'm almost positive then the G9 can do that, since all my Panasonic's can.
  14. I'd try to output as loud of a signal to the H1n as I'd need. The H1n has very good preamps but I think it's better to let the RODE do the "heavy lifting." Re: automix, you could if you really need a quick and dirty audio mix. It's not the ideal solution but there are times when I've used auto gain/mix when I had no other option.
  15. I don't know that the GH6 will have the low light capabilities of the GH5s, but I suspect it'll have improved low light performance like we've seen with each new GH camera. I'm guessing the low light M43 camera will be the GH6s, when that gets released. I really, really hate the segmentation game everyone is playing.
  16. I'm kinda confused. Are you looking for your settings to carry over from photo to video? Or the ability to change from photo and video without losing your respective settings? From my memory you don't lose your settings when switching from photo to video when using any of the newer Panasonic cameras. When switching back to video on my GH5 and G85 it has the last settings I used in video mode. I don't think the G9 is any different. Panasonic cameras have the ability to set up custom settings on the mode dial, allowing you to switch seamlessly. You could set C1 to the settings you want for video and then C2 the settings you want for photo. For instance I've set them up for the different video modes I shoot in. The G9 is very good for video, though it does lack some of the video centric features of the GH5. I debated getting one as a b-cam for my GH5 but the record limit was a deal breaker for me.
  17. I'm guessing they're in the very early stages of development. It'll probably be awhile before we get much info. The LS300 really is a wonderful camera. It deserved so much more attention and respect. My biggest issue is the menu system is straight up from the 1990s. I've even softened on the plastic build quality, as I appreciate that it's not too heavy (though it could be a little bit heavier!) You can pick them up used these days for so little money, it's insane.
  18. I think we're already seeing that, re: 8K. But I also think 8K is more of a gimmick than anything; it's a way to sell more TVs. Heck, I think 4K was largely the same thing, given those of us with 4K televisions still mostly watch Full HD video probably 95+% of the time. The push for higher and higher resolution has diminishing returns with each increase. The difference between SD and Full HD was massive, the difference between Full HD and 4K wasn't nearly as great given the size of screens most people have, and 4K to 8K is even smaller. If it was going to be adopted we'd have started seeing an influx of 6K televisions and monitors. It's a bridge, at best, between 4K and 8K. Yeah, those people are silly. Worse case you upscale and hardly anyone notices. Honestly even at 4K the data requirements are huge for wedding/event shooting. I wish my GH5 shot 2K! 😂
  19. While true, when we got the chance to use a RED it was our opportunity to work on something that was used on Hollywood sets. That was a really huge deal. Of course now we're able to do incredible things with the GH5, Pocket 4K, etc. but in 2012 and 2013 it was huge for us. And it helped lead the way to companies like ZCam and BMD to further disrupt the market.
  20. It's not how I'd react, but I kinda get it. Those folks have invested a lot of money into RED cameras and accessories, and I'm sure they're overall very happy with them, so it's probably kind of difficult for them to accept these allegations. That the RED community has spent a decade plus interacting with the people at RED on a personal level probably doesn't help. Ultimately one of the things that kinda bums me out about all of this is, RED really did do incredible things. When you take away all the allegations, the premium charged for off the shelf tech, etc. you still have a series of cameras that helped democratize cinema cameras, moving the tech forward while also opening it up to a whole different class of people. Until Blackmagic got into the game RED was the only cinema camera people like my friends and me could afford to work with. And it was awesome! It's disappointing that it's legacy has changed in many ways. Regardless of the outcome it didn't need to be like this.
  21. Honestly the more I see the more I like. I was very skeptical about ZCam but I'm glad they've made me eat some crow. I'm glad they exist, at the very least they're pushing things forward!
  22. But those are Canon lenses. Does Sony have that kind of reputation?
  23. I still don't see much of a market for these outside of the YouTube generation of filmmakers that think they need auto focus, but even then is there much of a reason for those people to pay a premium for them when capable stills lenses are available?
  24. One of the ways to invalidate the patent is by poking holes into or completely destroying the sequence of events.
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