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  1. The FZ300 was only one of the options I gave and was only using that as an example. I'd take the smaller censor and mic input over a 5 minute limit to 4K recording and terrible battery life though. Replace the FZ300 with the LX10. Or the other Panasonic point and shoots available. They at least aren't handicapped by a ridiculous recording limit and battery life.
  2. That they have to denoise footage shot in broad daylight doesn't set off alarms for some people? I dunno, if the camera can output better footage than this I'm not sure why they'd even release this footage which is, too put it mildly, underwhelming.
  3. Here in the States I notice more reporters using phones to shoot video, though cameras are still more common for ENG work, at least from my experience and from talking to friends that work for local stations here in Vermont. They really have come a long way but I don't know that the day will ever come when they are good enough for real narrative work. At least good enough to use over a real camera. The censor size will always hold it back, I think.
  4. It has a 5 minute recording limit in 4K, poor battery life, awful Sony menus, and overheats. I wouldn't recommend it at all unless you're absolutely never going to record over 5 minutes in 4K. You can get more for significantly less money from most of the Panasonic compact offerings. The FZ300 for instance has 5 axis IBIS, a 25-600mm lens with constant f/2.8 aperture, plus a mic jack. And it's over half the price of the RX100V; he could buy two of them and still have money left over.
  5. There is a speedbooster however it only supports communication with the camera but not auto focus. It's the Viltrox NF-M43X.
  6. I forget the G7 doesn't have IBIS. We're spoiled! The Canon is a great choice if you need IS, though I'm still really partial to the Sigma 18-35! It's just so sharp!
  7. Pass. Maybe when it goes down 2/3 of the price within a year like the E1 did... The description of this one mentions "noise reduction by ZCam software"... Why is noise reduction needed for something shot in broad daylight?
  8. It depends how compact you're looking for. I'm guessing you're also looking for a point and shoot camera? Panasonic has a good number of options, from ones that can fit in your pocket (LX10) to ones that have a traditional camera style body (FZ300). Most, if not all, of the Panasonic 4k lineup has very good video quality.
  9. Using the H1 as a pre-amp is a great option until you're in a position to get something nicer. For even better audio switch out the camera audio for the H1 recording, which should be very easy given they'll be nearly identical, minus the H1 being cleaner!
  10. RX100VI would definitely NOT be what I'd recommend anyone shoot a concert with. That aperture range is no good for most concerts I shoot.
  11. newfoundmass


    I haven't updated it yet but I've heard that the new firmware has improved it to match the GH5s.
  12. @John Brawley I just want to thank you for your patience and the information you've shared. It's truly appreciated.
  13. If you can get the 25mm Voightlander for under $500 you should probably pick that up because that's a good price. It's great for low light and it is a 50mm equivalent, which is good. The old school mentality was "zooms suck, use primes." And there is something to that, because a lot of primes give you a much nicer image. But these days zooms have gotten better in quality and frankly the convenience makes them ideal for any beginner videographers, and more and more professionals are using them. So keeping one isn't a bad idea.
  14. I'm not sure, but I feel like, if the mic itself doesn't have a battery and thus requires power from the camera, that it might require phantom power otherwise I don't know what will power the mic but you'll want to check that out, as using a mic incorrectly with phantom power can damage your mic.
  15. Low light wise you're not going to get any better than Sony. But there are other considerations: you said that you're shooting live events? Do you have to record non stop for longer than 30 minutes? Sony cameras are limited to 30 minutes for each clip, their battery life is atrocious (minus the A7iii), and they all tend to overheat if used for too long. In addition the rolling shutter on them is brutal. Still that low light performance and better auto focus is very attractive. The GH4 is very good but the GH5 improves on it significantly when it comes to low light. The GH5 (not the GH5s, which is much better at low light) isn't great at low light, but it's not terrible. It's auto focus isn't good, not even in the same realm as Sony or Canon, either. The stills are decent, depending on what you're using them for: for your average use they're more than adequate. I like the color science Panasonic uses and it is overall a more fleshed out video camera compared to the Sony cameras, with better menus. The battery life is fantastic. The IBIS is great. No overheating, no recording limits. 10 bit color. Ultra high quality bit rate. Very little rolling shutter. Ultimately though it comes down to your priorities, what is more important?
  16. I've not experienced too many problems with vimeo playback on my phone. Haven't tried on the laptop in awhile though. I use Wi-Fi on my phone 95% of the time.
  17. Can you kind of explain the set up a little more? Is it all acoustic with no speakers at all? I think the H1, using it's stereo mics, alone could produce decent results as long as it's close to both. Or use the VideoMicro with the H1. Get it within 2 feet of the guitarist on a stand and I think it'd be decent enough. If it's windy put a dead cat on it. You obviously won't get studio sounding audio but it won't be awful. Otherwise I'd get a small diaphragm condenser mic if you're willing to spend a little extra, though unlike my suggestion for vocals I don't have a specific suggestion on what mic to get. For vocals I'd get a Shure SM58-LC. It's about $30 US above your $70 price range but it's a very good mic for the price. I'd put it on a mic stand and have the vocalist just sing it that way.
  18. Yeah, these cameras COULD have very good 1080p even at 24 mbps but the way the video gets processed it never even stood a chance, it's poor whether it's 50 or 500 mbps. Someone that knows more than me might be able to say otherwise, but I think there is some difference just based on how fine tuned the camera has h264 encoding and the cameras processing power in being able to process it. Less processing power might mean lower quality encoding because it can only handle so much while encoding on the fly. I might be talking completely outta my ass though!
  19. So the SmilePowo didn't overheat or it took 2 hours to overheat?
  20. Yeah, the ergonomics and color science alone make this more appealing to me than the a6500. The Canon color really is leaps and bounds above Sony. The 1080p on both is nothing to write home about though.
  21. I mean, in the second post of this thread you referred to it selling by the truck load and proceeded to be dismissive of my skepticism and all feature requests people have made in a thread about what features we, as potential customers, want. Then, when engaged in actual discussion you ignored comments, criticism, and concerns, defaulting back to talk of the specs, etc. All the while I've been cordial and appreciative of your enthusiasm for the camera (multiple times no less), only for you to resort to name calling and accusing ME of being a troll? OK.
  22. At $249 on B&H the E1 in 2018 is actually a bit of a steal if you need a really small 4K camera, as like you said the firmware updates greatly improved the camera. When looking at it in that price range, the muddy image and not great color become less of an issue. I know at least one vlogger recently started using it as a webcam.
  23. None of the VR cameras they've released have gotten the attention of the E1. To pretend otherwise is to be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. I'm sure though that you're right and it'll be critically acclaimed and sell like hot cakes, just like the E1 and their VR cameras, which outside of the initial fluff pieces covering their launch and include virtually no critical analysis, reviews (despite being called reviews on the Z-Cam site) received very little media and user attention. How can it not? Look at those specs! .
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