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  1. Wonderful and essential WORKFLOW
  2. Hello, congratulations for the work with the image of your last work;). Forgive my English as an XD translator. I would like you to explain the workflow and if you have learned or have learned something different from the GHAlex tips IN YOUR pdf. According to what you said, you recorded with CinelikeD (PARAMETERS?) And then you went to LogC? AS?. And about the grading, do you use premiere or Davinci ?. Also, if we take those images in Vlogl and use the GHAlex, the result is not the same. A greeting. ------ Hola, enhorabuena por el trabajo con la imagen de tu último trabajo ;). Perdonar mi Ingles de traductor XD. Me gustaria que explicases el flujo de trabajo y si variaste o has aprendido algo diferente de los consejos de GHAlex EN SUS pdf. Segun lo que has comentado, grabaste con CinelikeD (¿PARAMETROS?) ¿Y luego pasaste a LogC? ¿COMO?. Y sobre el etalonaje, ¿usas premiere o Davinci?. Ademas, si cogemos esas imagenes en Vlogl y usamos el GHAlex, el resultado no es el mismo. Un saludo.
  3. You complain about things in the cameras as if they were unusable for them. Relax, while you complain in the forum I work. ;). I'm glad that my comment has removed you inside.
  4. And while people talk about cameras and more cameras, they stop recording and doing work, while others with cameras from 5 years ago, do amazing jobs.
  5. Panasonic has just announced an update for GH5 and GH5S, improvements in focus and image, to see what they surprise us with.
  6. I always use this HDMI cable in the camera so it never comes loose. HDMI LOCK
  7. I will use these lenses in the BlackMagic Pocket 4K ...
  8. If people took to the limit the cameras that they criticize so much, maybe they would not need to buy higher cameras that they do not even get 50% of.
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