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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Sony 16-70mm F/4.0 OSS or 18-105 F/4.0 OSS   
    I really enjoyed the 18-105 for the money and the size. The stabilizer is great too, impressive at times even with the a6300. There must be some sample variation going on, as I have used 2, and one was clearly better than the other (maybe some case of moved elements inside?). 
    No much experience with Sony cameras, but it seems like a good small combo for the a6xxx cameras.
    If you have the money, and the space in your bag, and the willingness to change lenses on a shoot, 2 better lenses are always much more preferable than one worst!
    I have seen the 16-70 once, I just hold it, felt plasticky (even thought there was metal all around), but I heard only good things about its image quality, and I always go for 16mm in APS-C, and it is not that more expensive either.
    f stop, build quality, no dust proof - spill proof, would be my only worries, but these apply to both of them. Certainly 2 of the most interesting Sony lenses of their kind.
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    rooney111 got a reaction from Juxx989 in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    OKay now I have to watch it all over again to see if this is true. 
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    Ppl don't like those taking about nx1. They usually prefer ignoring its existence, and dismissing it as a discontinued camera, as if being discontinued could kill the existing units.
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    Hate to bring it back, but NX1 has a perfect touch screen implementation since a long time ago, just found in Philip Bloom's AF megathon as the third technology, just after Canon's Dual Pixel and a6300 and I have one year more warranty in my camera, and 20 months for my 16-50 2-28f lens, and the whole kit costed me 1500€. It is not like it is a mythic/cryptic creature of the old times to just ignore it in every sentence.
    I expect the next Fuji to have touch screen, and work better than Sony (which barely works anyway, also battery consumption, heat management were handled better by Fuji, even if you have to add 300-400€ for the grip and batteries), but let's face it, there is a camera that does most things right, RIGHT NOW (and for 2 years now) and some of us earn our bread from that!
    Just for your information, I go now!
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?   
    Cmon Kidzrvl! you didn't know that when you had yours ;) !!
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    rooney111 reacted to Parker in It's 2017 still no affordable Full Frame camera with nice 50/60p slowmo image !!!   
    I hate to be "the NX1 guy" in this thread ha (I'm actually suprised none of the usual suspects have piped up yet)... But it might be worth looking into the NX1, or the even cheaper NX500 for that matter, both produce lovely, sharp 60p (and gorgeous 120p as well!) with minimal moire/aliasing, crazy low rolling shutter, and decent enough lowlight performance with a fast lens, which you're obviously interested in, i.e. shallow dof, or you wouldn't care so much about sensor size. I have no idea what they'd go for down under, but there are lots of gently used ones around for pennies. Our very own forum member Lucabutera is selling some awesome NX-L speedboosters that he has crafted as well, I have one, which gives the camera about a 1.1x crop. 
    Seems like it'd fit your parameters pretty spectacularly. Best of luck! 
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Shot on iPhone 7... stunning   
    @webrunner5 do not take me wrongwrong, whatever works to whoever!
    Something is much better than nothing, and I am pretty sure talented people can make amazing movies with a hand made camera obscura, I trully believe that, and if I tell you what kind of equipment I have used in my entire life, iPhone seems like a space rocket!
    My points are:
    1) iPhone is NOT even the best camera phone, why we have threads like "incredible iPhone movie" and not "amazing Samsung S7", or "HTC and Google movies" etc??
    2) the price of acquiring a latest iPhone, with NO SD card option (so, not much space for recording video, really) and a couple of extras you need, exceed the price of an equally (or better) good Android phone (have you checked the Xiaomis lately?) + a cheap, small and light 4K mirrorless camera kit, and I am sure you know that "4K" isn't really the real deal, or else C100 cameras would have been burned on sight.
    3) the quality is perfectly fine for 90% of the people, but I am not one of those, and ofcourse I am expressing personal opinions, and latest iPhone pictures are not even close to my cheapest (and smallest) mirrorless, with my cheapest (and worst, but a zoom nevertheless) lens.
    Any good small pancake from any system (Sigmas, Canon M 22m, NX 30mm etc) and any mirrorless after 2013 is SO much better than the latest phone cameras.
    People in this (and other) forums debate m4/3, crop sensors and full frame ones, and suddenly sensors smaller than half of my smallest nail are adequate to produce (technically) amazing stuff?
    Personally, my sweet spot is 1.5X (for a lot of reasons), and I don't like debating for sensors sizes as it is mostly a personal desicion and everybody have its arguments, but mobile phones are perfect for old compact camera users, still there is a small pro/semi pro/enthusiastic segment, which I am part of, that compact cameras of the past and new, are not right for us (and I am not talking about the thousands of euros Sony, Fuji and the other high end compacts of course!).
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?   
    Sorry for bringing the old ghosts back, but I can't resist reading the Sony extremeties!
    NX 16-50mm 2-2.8f, is the one lens can't find in any other system. 2f from 24mm-35mm (equiv) and the specific rendition and image stabilizer of this lens make it an amazing set (that you don't need!) of 2f primes, and a few more 2.8f ones. Together with the amazing AF and DIS of NX1 is a still relevant combo for most jobs.
    Someone posted recently an asking price of 1200€ for NX1+16-50S+extra batteries+external charger. This is what I call value for money!
    Fuji is also an option, X-T20 anyone?
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?   
    Even though I will be waiting for the next Sony move (a7000 and/or A7Siii), I am pretty sure they will be finding more than one ways to ef up!
    I know it isn't relative of what you ask, but I am really longing for a C100markIII or a Panasonic LS300 (with variable sensor and the insides of GH5) more than anything, and I hope just in time for my next camera buy in the summer!
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    rooney111 got a reaction from ricardo_sousa11 in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    Very nice! 
    The wedding video, I couldn't stop watching, I just had to watch till the last second. Nicely done mate.
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    Arikhan, this is very odd since (for stills) I have exactly the opposite result as yours! I can push the shadows at least 4 stops, before they get too much noisy.
    And the dpr tool is confirming this, where NX1 is on par or better than the best FF cameras out there, in pulling exposure in post.
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    rooney111 reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    Thank you!
    Dynamic range is the NX1 weak point, specially the highlights, you really need to preserve as much highlights as possible or else the image will become very digital. However, having tried a lot of "prosumer" cameras (nothing fancy, just Canons, Nikons, Sonys, Panasonic etc) this is yet my favorite camera...even against my new sony a7sII...And im not just talking about the experience, but the image itself, samsung surprises me everytime I load my sd cards in my computer, and with the sony, only after quite a bit of tweaking the image starts to look good. Maybe because im still not used to this camera, but the NX1 was an amazing surprise, and it was worth every single penny I payed for it.
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Handheld Shooting   
    I am sure most of the "internet specialists" around here would have stopped reading after "shoulder rig" and "5D mkII" !! These days everything is 10bit and IBIS+dual IS+Ronin+digital IS+everything! I do snob the 5Dii these days too, to be honest, and I have done a few Ronin things lately!
    I was talking about "a few more tripod shots" just maybe to give a little pause and change the rythm, so ever slightly, just for maybe 1/3 of a second (more) or something, and to avoid have almost everything "shaken", also a couple of "horizons" (the leveling) were unnecessary off, but in general it is a great great job. It works perfectly for your sponsor, but also artistically and technically with a simple but mature way. It is very difficult to have such a balanced result. Congrats!
    Aesthetically, I would rather have this kind of image than some stabilized images I have seen from some IBISs, this gives a better atmosphere in my opinion, and reminds me a bit of European Indie cinema, where the very good camera men had(have) only shoulder rigs to operate with huge film cameras.
    Would you mind to talk (or link) a bit about your shoulder rig? I am considering one for some time now, but I am still reflecting on the idea!
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in Interesting 2016 Sales Figures   
    I was not clear. I wanted to say...if canon had a mirrorless camera as good as nx1, a6500 or x-t2....which it has not.
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in Interesting 2016 Sales Figures   
    If canon had a camera like nx1/a6500/xt2, very few ppl would care about other brands/cameras. Canon brand is simply to strong and camera market is made of loyal customers, averse to change.
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    rooney111 reacted to Andrew Reid in Opinion - DXOMark's camera scoring makes ZERO sense!   
    Here's what I don't get though - the 5D Mk IV is a noisy as hell camera with 30MP, yet have you seen the ISO score on Bill's chart and at DXOMark?
    Makes no sense for it to be so high.
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    rooney111 reacted to Eric Calabros in Biggest clusterfuck of 2016   
    The biggest clusterfuck of 2016 was Syria, where thousands of people, including many photo/video journalists, died and the world did absolutely nothing. 
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in 1dx II vs a7r2 - Dave Dugdale responds   
    For me is samsung, canon and then sony. It's actually very subjective.
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    rooney111 reacted to DBounce in 1dx II vs a7r2 - Dave Dugdale responds   
    Comparing NX1, A7R2 and 1DXMkII... 
    I rank them as follows: 
    Canon... Sony... Samsung.
    They are all great camera, but I prefer low light on the Canon. The noise is more organic. The Sony rules for resolution. The Samsung had the best UI. 
    Video performance: the Sony always felt a bit videoish to me. Regardless what processing I would do. The image was also more fragile than the Canon in post. The NX1 seemed to lack DR. The Canon files are the most flexible. 
    I would have loved to see a NX1MkII... I think a lot of potential was there. The 16-50s lens was wonderful. I loved my Sony, but the Canon is in another league. I can not recall a time where I looked at an image coming out of my 1DXMkII and thought it didn't look great. By right any one of these cameras are good enough for the work most people will do. If you have the means the Canon is an attractive choice. The A7R3 will likely be out soon, so if Sony is your poison... you might want to wait. The Samsung only makes sense if you can find a really good deal. 
    I don't see myself parting with my Canon any time soon... It's an epic camera. 
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    rooney111 reacted to Marco Tecno in 1dx II vs a7r2 - Dave Dugdale responds   
    The NX1 downsamples from 6.5k (full sensor readout) hence I wouldn't call it "over sharp". It's simply as sharp as it should be coming from that high res. It's the only hybrid camera doing this from such a high res, AFAIK.
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    rooney111 reacted to Antonis in 1dx II vs a7r2 - Dave Dugdale responds   
    I think that video is correct.
    The 1DC was also less sharp when directly compared to a GH4 or NX1 back in the day.
    Of course we can argue endlessly about which image is better, the (over) sharp GH4/NX1 image or the softer image of the 1DC.

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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in "One woman, one lens" - A6300 ??   
    "Geeks, enthusiasts and pixel peepers" are people that can EXPLAIN, manipulate, and work with color science. "Normal" people do understand color science, but can not express it, and that goes on since for ever, because skin color associates with survival.
    Like you can understand when a medicine is good for you, but in no way you can make better medicines than Bayern laboratories, because there are some "geeks, enthusiasts and cell peepers" over there to try to achieve the best in their field (or to be better at least).
    Color science in video is more important than ever right now, I know people that leave their editing jobs to become colorists, and are paying good money for special seminars and courses (usually in London).
    In European cultures, rosy cheeks, are considered healthy, green and sicky-yellow obviously are not the best, etc. I am sure there are similar patterns for people all over the world. Look at the interpretation of color in old school cartoons (and from different countries), that explains a lot, in a very simple way. Color is a very important factor in evolution terms and goes further than camera science, but camera color science is explained by that, and that is why Canon sells a ton of cameras with out any real innovation, it is just takes pleasing photos.
    Also, Canon and Nikon color sciences are the best in the world, it is not like you compared the best and the worst, you compared the 80-90% of the professional cameras out there, and I do prefer Nikon to be honest, but I am not really that anal about it. You should have tried with some other manufacturer probably. I use Samsung by the way. No complaints.
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    rooney111 reacted to noone in Best 120p + camera advice   
    I don't know what you should take, I just wanna see the results!
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    rooney111 reacted to Kisaha in Best 120p + camera advice   
    I have seen your video before. I really liked it, and I believe NX could be right for you style.
    NX1 is great with the 16-50S 2-2.8f, I have great results with Ronin AF with the 16-50pz lens (the cheap kit one), I haven't use the S for gimbal yet, but I am expecting much better AF.
    28megapixls BSI, it also has DIS+dual IS with the lens, but it works great ONLY with very limited action, too much things going on, and behaves very erratically;
    very small H265 files (you mentioned that you are not going to have any hard drives with you, a few 64GB cards can last for the whole trip).
    Time lapses, hacked/moded firmware with extra features.
    NO crop in any mode (unlike other APS-C and smaller sensored cameras), and best slow motion for any cheap camera at the moment.
    Great EVF, OLED screen, ok audio pre amps (better than Canon at least). 
    No overheating problems, ever.
    You can add a NX500 for a back up or B camera, with the amazing 10mm 3.5f fish eye is a super small combo for some "wow" shots also.
    In DxO measurements NX500 is at the top with 7200 as the best ASP-C sensors.
    With these 2 cameras, and a few lenses you are set. I don't know what lenses you need, but you can have 10-200mm (307mm equiv) APS-C native lenses options.
    10mm 3.5f fish eye, 12-24 4-5.6f, 16-50 2-2.8f, 16-50pz 3.5-5.6f, 18-55 3.5-5.6f, 20-50 3.5-5.6,  pancakes { 16mm 2.4f/ 20mm 2.8f/ 30mm 2f/ 45 1.8f}, 60 2.8f macro, 85 1.4f, 50-150 2.8f, 50-200 4-5.6f  
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