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    damoke reacted to BTM_Pix in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    I've ordered the Ninja Inferno.
    Expect some flog to be making an appearance here soon... 
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    damoke reacted to BTM_Pix in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    So.....FLOG then.
    I've done a very brief, not exactly creative test recording FLOG to the Atomos Ninja Inferno.
    First things first, the Ninja Inferno is a fine piece of kit but it isn't all plain sailing when its paired to the X-T2.
    One glaring issue is that it can't lock to the 1080/24p coming from the X-T2 and just blanks the screen every half a second. 
    All other sizes and frame rates are fine and the issue definitely appears to be coming from the X-T2 side as a quick test with a BMPCC showed no issue at all.
    Another issue which caused me some head scratching until I worked it out was that if you have the eye sensor on then it blanks the HDMI output when it switches over. This looked like another blanking issue or dodgy cable until I realised what was happening. Surely no one at Fuji thought that was a good idea? Switching it off and leaving it on rear or EVF solved the issue so I'll have to remember that when switching to video recording as the eye sensor ON is of course my default for stills use.
    The final thing was that the Fuji FLOG monitoring LUT on the Ninja Inferno actually shows less detail when active than just leaving it in REC709 so they both need to do some work on that. Or maybe I do and download the LUT that Fuji have on their website for editing with to see if that makes a difference. 
    I'll do a separate report for the Ninja Inferno when I've used it with a few more cameras but for now, lets crack on with this FLOG thing.
    Activating FLOG switches the ISO of the X-T2 to 800. So if you have the ISO on the dial set to less than 800 then it will ignore it and you won't see any changes until you move the dial beyond 800. This explains the couple of stops difference on the meter when switching to FLOG when I was just looking at it on the monitor as the even though the ISO dial was on 200.
    To keep the test consistent then, I've set the ISO to 800 for both FLOG and non FLOG shots.
    The comparison is to show the difference between FLOG and using what has become the defacto setting for flattish recording on the X-T2 which is ProNegStd with -2 highlights and -2 shadows.
    The shots were exposed using the (excellent) luma parade function of the Ninja Inferno so that the brightest part of the image was just kissing 100.
    Apologies for the not exactly inspiring nature of the shots but hopefully the nature of them means you can get a feel for what sort of DR you can expect when using FLOG.
    These frames are completely untouched out of FCPX (no FLOG>709 LUT) so that you can shape them yourselves to make your own judgement.
    If you want to use the official Fuji LUT it is available here

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    damoke reacted to mechanicalEYE in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
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    damoke reacted to Trek of Joy in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    A nice collection of SOOC 4k shots using various lenses. Fuji's IS and continuous AF is pretty effective. Color and detail are fantastic. 
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    damoke reacted to Hanriverprod in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    a review mostly on its video.
    Colors look amazing.
    Focus is fast but jumpy.
    Needs full articulating touch screen.
    Needs ibis.
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    damoke reacted to gatopardo in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Can I ask you for 5 sec footage of Classic Chrome and Pro Neg Std in a situation like this photo to illustrate that dynamic range difference? Thanks

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    damoke reacted to photographer-at-large in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    https://***URL not allowed***/fujifilm-xt2-vs-sony-a7s-ii-best-mirrorless-video-camera/
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    damoke got a reaction from kidzrevil in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    A random video i found on YT.
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    damoke got a reaction from Hanriverprod in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    A random video i found on YT.
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    damoke reacted to Lothar in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    I love it. But I need to say that I was a Fuji shooter already (X-E2). Regarding video, I started with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, but I was in the market for a mirrorless camera, which can do both (stills and video). I was looking at the Sony A7 cams, but the higher price and colour issues with slog were making me rethinking. I know that Fuji can produce great skin tones and I personally like the Fuji colours at least for stills. Regarding video, one tries to copy the Kodak motion picture films. I am still trying to figure that out. But so far, I am really happy with the results. Regarding stills, I was shooting a soccer game lately and really hat a lot of keepers. I don't own the battery grip yet, I didn't buy it, because I am happy with the 10 minutes of 4k for now and I couldn't resist buying the 56 f1.2 APD lens, which is a killer lens. I already own the 35 and the 14, and the push/pull focus of the 14 is nice for focus pulling. The 16 and 23 f1.4 do have this focus clutch, too. But, I'm still investigating a speedbooster solution (or maybe Veydra considers making x-mount lenses?).
    And then there is this personal taste: It's such a gorgeous camera. I admit, that it plays a big roll, too.
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    damoke reacted to Andrew Reid in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Nice write-up.
    I just bought an X-T2 (in a small shop in Venice where I am shooting and holidaying!)
    We'll see what it can do here, as it's a pretty photogenic place, quite demanding on dynamic range with all the narrow walkways and bright sun.
    I find Pro Neg Std does seem to lift the shadows nicely and sharpness all the way down + using 180 degree shutter helps with cinematic motion candence.
    The footage out there so far hasn't been very impressive as not many people are buying it for video.... yet?
    The only annoyance I have so far is that they removed the video record button and to switch between video & stills mode is now on the drive lever, which is an awkward bastard of a dial to say the least - not sure what they were thinking ergonomically with that one!! You cannot assign video to a funtion button or enter video mode in the blink of an eye. It takes a fiddle with the lever and an accidental turn of the ISO wheel...hmm.
    Am shooting via a passive Canon EF adapter at the moment, don't have my NDs or Fuji glass with me but at night I'll be shooting wide open at 1/50 anyway.
    What this thing offers over the Samsung NX1 appears to be a few advantages -
    - Fuji glass
    - Not discontinued
    - Better at high ISOs
    - Better EVF
    - Smaller
    - Speed Booster compatible (although a third party one is in the making for NX I've yet to see what the performance is like)
    That last point is very important as it turns the X-T1's 1.74x crop factor to 1.23x - similar to the Canon 1D C, with a huge range of full frame glass - A Mount, Nikon, Contax Zeiss, Canon FD, etc.
    So if we consider the X-T2 as a near-full frame A7R II replacement with the colour science and ergonomics fixed, for half the price, I think it's looking like a front runner.
    I'm off to shoot and find out!
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    damoke reacted to Mark Holmes in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Hey all -  a quick test of the Fuji X-T2 - shot in 4K - no color correction - Classic Chrome. 
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    damoke reacted to Hanriverprod in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    ISO: 1600
    Filmsimulation: Classic Chrome
    Aperture: F/2.8
    Shutterspeed: Lowest possible because of the low light.
    FPS: 24P
    Edited in Final Cut Pro X
    No post color grading.
    Colors look nice.
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    damoke got a reaction from liork in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Yeah the post image stabilization is terrible and the shutter speed thing is a common thing in these videos shot by photographers, i hope Fuji start giving the cameras to video guys now they have decent video, only one that used a ND was the cinema5d guy.
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    damoke reacted to Andrew Reid in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    The X-T2 1080p looks cleaner with less moire and aliasing than the X Pro 2.
    The 4K looks to have a bit of moire and aliasing going on but only if you pixel peep it on a chart. In real shooting situations rarely will it be an issue.
    The 4K from the X-T2 looks similar to the A7S II in terms of detail / moire / resolving power but softer than the A6300.
    I wonder if it holds up at high ISOs as well as the A6300
    If it had the IBIS of the GX85, did not crop slightly in 4K and made the F-LOG profile available for internal recording it would almost be PERFECT.
    As it is... well just compare it to the X-T1... a massive leap up considering it is Fuji we're talking about!!
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    damoke reacted to Mattias Burling in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Nope, I work as a producer. I don't even own anything digital from Fuji, I do however have about 100rolls of Fujicolor and 1000 feet of 16mm Fuji at all times.
    But I have shot with Fuji's in the past and really enjoy them. 
    Here on this forum I'm just having a conversation. That does not mean that I work for the company I'm currently discussing. Specially since I said I was likely NOT to get it at this point. People are always free to ignore my posts or suck an egg if they don't like them
    Kinda like Canon. My theory is that they are holding back a little because releasing overheating cameras and dodgy Log is bad business. Either do it right or not at all.
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    damoke reacted to tweak in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Think he's just a realist.
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    damoke reacted to The Chris in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Owned the NX1, outside of the S zooms, the rest are mediocre, the pancakes are especially dreadful if you want to MF, no BB AF either - a basic staple of just about any decent camera including the most basic Canon Rebel from 2003. Fuji's lens selection is vastly superior - and its what attracts many shooters to the X-mount. Samsung's are a joke in comparison.
    Nobody shopping Fuji cares about a dead system with a limited lens selection. Fuji's ergos, exposure controls on the body, the MF clutch mechanism and actual aperture rings are miles better than the NX1.
    Let it go, its a Fuji discussion, nobody cares about your precious NX1.
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    damoke reacted to Steve M. in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Yeah, I kinda agree, I haven't seen anything impressive at all, in fact, it amazes me Fuji never put this camera into the hands of a DP to produce something that kicked ass! Maybe this camera has no kick ass, although it is still in beta. Below is a frame grab from a recent shoot with my Fuji XPro2, and in my opinion I haven't seen an image from the X-T2 that touches that image! And yes, that's SOOC.

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