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  1. that statement has no connection with actual situation)
  2. thats the only reason i go for x-t2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vNLJLlPoCI
  3. Fuji X-T20? small, great colours, may be speedboosted, great lenses, superb stills
  4. yes, saw it before i visited that art exposure
  5. Since sony announced a9 im also wondering if twixtor/optical flow can do adequate 24 fps out of 20 fps 24Mp RAW. Never used it so have no idea myself.
  6. easy peasy. just ask metabones to put there some nano black hole to change direction of light. Also there is plenty of 35mm DOF adapter. but of course its to old and boring tech for such enlightened topic
  7. I wonder if anyone tried 0.58x speedbooster on XT2. To bad there's no such SB for X-mount - I'd gladly get almost 2 stop of light in exchange for amount of pixels)
  8. There's one little missing feature on GH5 that makes me really sad because otherwise it would be close to perfect tool: there's no internal 10-bit 1080p60 for 4:3 mode. That feature can make GH5 really special for me. But since that option is missing even in planned fw updates - im looking toward X-T2 (much better photo camera, better low-light and color science and rock solid 8bit 1080p60) or BM Micro if i chose to split photo and video for different body. Also waiting for what Sony would offer.
  9. Actually with RAW you certainly can think less about shot than with 10/8bit codec. And it's not gonna be much bigger setup if you ok with shooting handheld. X-T20 is an option if you want to take also a photo and want to be compact as much as possible. lets calculate: BM Micro for $995 + 0.58x SB NikonF for $490 and some cheap 5" monitor for $200 and there's about $300 for which you can get some fast vintage prime. And if u going for used gears then u can squeeze some Merlin for stabilization to and get quite powerful video setup (yes, it's MF but that's where 1.75x crop come in handy)
  10. First thing that came to my mind - BMMCC with 0.58x SB. And if u want to be even more compact - Fuji X-T2/X-T20 (can add some pistol grip stabilizer and still stay in mentioned budget). Both cameras have outstanding 1080p60
  11. its $99 over your request but take a look at Fuji XT-20. Its pretty good in low-light and have an easier color-science than a7s. Of course native lens could be expensive (and also great) but you can always go 'cheap SB/ old fast glass' route if you dont need any IS.
  12. Do you know a method how to delete all those CA without having RAW-option?) Its a lovely image, but we're all seen what has been done to get it look like this)
  13. Vladimir


    Depends on next developing and pricing it can be a great remote focus controller for something like Rangefinder. Really, it's time to take out "anamorphic" out of equation and get a good product
  14. Seems like a good compact option for run-n-gun or travel. I'd really like to see how it combines with some 50/1.2 on APS-C (or speedbosted m4/3) . Earlier was said that it doesn't produce great result on FF until f5.6. Is new diopters was improved that?
  15. Vladimir


    There is no reason to us to be negative) Because there is just not enough details to discuss. There was a statement about "already working focus system" but all the tests done from atleast F4. Just kinda ashamed of that kind old rusty method of marketing) Don't want to be a negative at all: even this kind of a movement is good and i hope i can tell you why in near future)
  16. Vladimir


    Such a bulky system with those large NAP glasses in terms of IQ have a point only for using wide open apertures on fast 80+ mm (when front element of taking lens is bigger than regular rear anamorphic attachment entrance). For fast 50-75mm primes there is a great option like Rectilux and for shooting at F4 (as in attached video) there is Rangefinder or FM. Which all can be used without those additional drives and batteries.
  17. since u mentioned LOMO here's some lomo-look) just ordinary reportage work with a7s and lomo nas 2/75 (everything - wide open), sorry for quality i grabbed it from compressed file
  18. And special offer for them who can buy it here locally in Moscow - 4000 USD
  19. cant edit first post, here two mistakes in text: correct first link is https://vimeo.com/133763373 and 'Loris', not 'Louis'
  20. Good Evening. I'm in searching for money needed for 4x anamorphic project of mine. And here i am selling my most valuable lens in collection: LOMO NAS4-10 2/75mm (2x squeeze factor), with rails mount and OCT18/e-mount adapter - 4500 USD It covers full-frame (not much of lomo anamorphic does this) and that's where its shining in my opinion. Its a nice universal prime for most cases: in terms of hFOV its like 40mm and still have a nice perspective and properties of 2/75. Which it have) I love to use taking lens by itself for photography (girl portrait in attachment), its great unique lens for FF and i had modified anamorphic attachment so it can be quicker to attach and easier to colibrate. Taking lens have 15 bladed aperture (no hard stops). I shot a lot of lifestyles reportages/promo videos with a7s, some examples shot in 1080p: https://vimeo.com/13376337 https://vimeo.com/132940435 (some backstage: https://pp.vk.me/c625420/v625420382/165a8/rPYJsQDX0VE.jpg ) also here some videos without web compression (see vid_gentlemen_life.mp4 for most actual footage - it was shot in 4K with Shogun): http://dropmefiles.com/jvXQ1 80-90% of these materials was shot with that lomo, as i said its very universal. Housing have some scratches from screws, one of glasses have mark on it (maybe MC mark, dont know for sure, it doesn't affect the image so i dont touch it). Everything else is in great condition. Will give more photos of gear on request if needed. Payment through paypal. Dont have an ebay account, the only international deal i had done - buying of rectilux cdna from Louis (he's on this forum to) And here's some interesting fact about Lomo NAS and BAS: NAS have mechanical sync single focus and BAS - singlefocus based on diopter; that's why NAS have some breathing, but way better sharpness. Thats why f2 BAS even dont have that f2: it have lock on f2.8 to compensate soft from additional glasses.
  21. Can u try one element from physically short attachment and one element from much longer one?
  22. once i had shooting with a7sii, didnt had time to test it so i just set it 'manually' to focal_length_of_taking_lens divided by 2. Did u do the same? Otherwise IBIS to strong for horizontal plane (in my humble understanding of how it works). In my case there was some shots with whobling but not much and i think u get the same amount without any ana.
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