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  1. well its working. thanks @thefirstdj for mentioning qc 2.0 trigger. it be better to run 9V without relying on cheap chinesse chip (and if you go this way make sure to order atleast ~5 of them, i've buying it from local place and the one that workin as it should was not the first i've try), but now i can use a whole variety of affordable qc2.0 power banks. here is my 15600mah rig: last thing to do is to make weather sealing for qc trigger and to find a black zip ties) UPD forgot to mention i've tried 7.4v output (thx to qc3.0) and body recognised it as lowest battery level
  2. im sure - the store where im looking at dc power supply is on official fuji site. and as you can see CP-W126 itself have 9V marking.
  3. output of an original dc power supply is 9V 2A. maybe there is converter inside original dummy battery.
  4. Since i dont want yet dive into DIY solution. Any thoughts on this scheme? CP-W126 (http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/accessories/batteries/index.html#coupler) + qualcomm 3.0 power bank through usb-dc adapter. There's also posibility to use any 5V powerbank and usb-dc 5Vto9V converter but qualcomm 3.0 seems like better solution ( thats a technology that lets chargeable device decide itself how many A/V it needed)
  5. testing out x-h1 on a street. a lot of 100fps shots, mixed lighting, handheld, no nle nr. not gonna say much more - thats not why im purchasing a camera): https://youtu.be/4nAobE-xbhs * for 2160p view only
  6. i've seen moire in 4k from x-t2 (clothes), not often but still little more than competitors can have
  7. i wanted x-h1 because of ibis (95% of my lenses is manual) and that was the first reason to buy x-h1 but ends up ETERNA is on pair with it in terms of improvement over x-t2. IBIS is good, but have major issue when moving diagonal - ibis making some jerky vertical-horizontal steps instead of diagonal movement. im really hoping fuji gonna fix/optimise this, but for now im just gonna master the way im moving the camera, its capable of doing great smooth shots with it current state. Still there's nothing you can do when rolling shutter showing his ugly face even if ibis is working properly.
  8. can we have another page of mention battery, moire/antialiasing, record limit issues please? i was able to shot and edit my first x-t2/x-h1 video and this thread is still running same circles) x-h1 on 0:15-0:50:
  9. cant tell in comparsion but here is a mockup edit of a footage i shot with x-t2 (1080p60, pinch of cc and grain):
  10. it can be reduced by implementing vertical crop of a sensor or even more with 4:3 vertical crop and usage of anamorphic lens. i've tested prototype based on optics and it worked well. but i see no way to deliever such a message to fuji's development team.
  11. im sorry for posting here something really related to subject but here the thing: thought i need to upgrade my cards for 200mbit/s, but tried old Sandisk extreme pro SDXCi U3 and its worked. here's a proof and a little of ibis work, lens: konica 40/1.8 (x0,71sb): http://dropmefiles.com/CgBRV
  12. bmmcc - 13 stops, raw, decent low-light with sb a7xx - ~13 stops, but a lot of work with cg (less for daylight), good ('best' for s-models) low-light x-h1 - 12 stops with eterna profile ( better colors to start with, whole 0-100 range for storing data, easier to use in low-light), good low-light with sb option, and from my experience with x-t2 its easier to protect highlights (codec stores good amount of shadow details)
  13. here is video that made my mind about x-h1 ibis: and a comparsion with a7r3 where's a difference pronounced even more: I have seen someone saying there's only 40mbit/s for 120fps. please can someone who already own x-h1 at hand confirm this? I wonder if this is a case for in-camera slowed down footage ( and then its kinda make a sense: 40 * (120/24) = 200)
  14. I'm sure they will listen: https://community.sony.com/t5/Alpha-NEX-Cameras/A7s-firmware-fixes-feature-requests/m-p/455004/highlight/true#M4573 *hell I was naive
  15. that's a honorable mention thing) every time I stepped into this forum to seek some info theres a little feeling that something is stinkin. and its ok for public places) but that feeling was very moderate when I was searching for something like gh5/gh5s and now I need to hear that grumpy disturbing voice of things I'm not interested at all) don't want to filter all those fanboys/ fanboys haters conversation about things that is clear to everyone that have a shard of ability to thinking clearly) for a little moment I thought that maybe there's some corporative politic here, but Andrews rev
  16. it can be a mask for anything. for ex. for a contract with sensor supplier (to not implement 4K until some certain date). who knows? but point is Fuji works on fw to a certain point that is way higher than sony's one (still Panasonic doing better job in this category) )
  17. completely agree here with you. and its great. its pushing both company forward. as a a7s/x-t2 user I'm totally ok with that. but for now I'm selling my e-mount lens to get x-h1 to pair with x-t2 . if Fuji will deliever Eterna and Flog to previous model then it's better to keep it as a second unit. and if not - to sell it and wait for the next iteration of technology race) and for our common happiness and satisfaction its better to wish some good luck to Fuji ( because sony can beat the Fuji and Fuji - doesn't ) for this iteration - i'm definitely want a new x-t2 with ibis) n
  18. I'm a hybrid artist. none of mentioned options) one of a time i was d3s lover but that was... different age, none of love is left in current specs days, y'know pal. still loved every camera I had but that's not a feeling of a lover, just a user who's distantly looking at naked digital data. And i was looking for gh5s with high interrest: almost ff proper anamorphic mode, 240 fps, so juicy. But after its showed up I was like "eh, I can live with x-t2's 100Mb 8bit and fuji color (and a nice codec; I'm really liked the way it work), I don't want to use recorder to really get some advantage of 10b
  19. that feeling when a new camera [ and u really up to it ] is out and u should go through mass of lame videos which was recorded by people [ trying hard to pretend to know something ] to get a pinch of info u really liked to know ) and Fuji service in Russia is really sucks [ actually there's none official service) ] and I fuckin hate [ as a x-t2 owner I'm feeling kinda fucked when to get internal FLOG and new film profile u should pay for new model and in a new model there's even no such thing as 200Mbit 1080p60 ] Fuji developer team for staying with previous processor and bat
  20. if u're not in for 120fps slo-mo then totally get a7s/shogun combo. shogun have many usefull feature that helps with a7s colors
  21. You know whats really ridiculous? Judging person for his personal choice of tool in here and saying something like "A camera's just a tool, whether film or digital. One is not inherently superior to the other" at neighbor topic. Oh wait... thats not "ridicilous", theres other word for it. i suppose he's roleplaying some tough sheriff type here. To give a newcomer some idea of his [ newcomers ] place in here) "You are just crossed the wrong street cowboy" some subjects is strongly overprotected here. Personally i was already banned here for criticism of another overprotected objec
  22. And here's some totally absolute ridiculous answer to Lorian. Here's one of my first videos ever, i've started shooting with original a7s and all of examples here was shot in 1080p (or even 720p). All of that was shot very run-n-gun style, handheld, no lighting, with very basic knowledge of production: and something like that u never be able to shoot with gh5 (very dim conditions): There's more examples on my vimeo chanell include my very first video with a7s) Heres my advice: keep in mind that its you who create a look not a tools; otherwise ull en
  23. used x-t2 and Crane here with 18-55 and speedboosted anamorphic 50mm : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYl9sntfxG4 (some good example of usage from 19:20) crane is a great compact and affordable tool for many applications (of course if your "bread and butter" includes more than just some gears... some thinking process or a bit of imagination for example ))
  24. 1. balance it with cage and tilt crane 45 degree 2. balance it with a little monitor 3. mount it backwards and shoot with crane tilted 45 degree here's calculation for 1, 2 option on a proven setup (last picture) tamron 24-70/2.8 + sigma mc11 + a7sii + smallrig cage: 825+125+630+250 (bmpcc setup actually can be less front-heavy having 580g to balance it as it need to be) before some more bs i'll give a little notice: my own setup (first pic) is very like OP's setup (in terms of weight distribution): sankor+helios+speedbooster~900g +x-t2 500g (and also im added some weight i
  25. its totally accurate. instead you should be a bit more better at remembering your own words. You didnt said a word about "specifically" OP setup (it was about front heavy setup and zhiyun crane, thats it). Should i quote you again?) And specifically for OP i can advise to add a cage to his setup and get same balance that was posted. Oh, and a cage also fix weak hdmi port problem... of course im also advising to test any setup before any decision)
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