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  1. my other channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CoffeeMichael
  2. I'd like a stylist and a cinematographer or focus puller, ha
  3. Straight out of gx7, bad focus (!) and straight upload to you tube. Standard -5-3-4-5 wb 2900 a3g3 800 iso Yashica 28 cheap focal reducer:)
  4. this could be good! A groundbreaking video.. can you hook a gx7 up to Skype? Condensor mic.. A short film, and proceeds to any victims.. Group Skype inteview!! Ok guys, just fired up my macbook and skype, how about some one call me and we can chat about this - a video podcast! I am getting some screen recorder software up and running, but until then if someone is up for it, and has screen recorder going on their skype system, lets do this!
  5. I volunteer - I have so many questions:) Are you saying I'm not credible:) ? https://www.skype.com/en/features/group-calls/
  6. Hey, there is an idea, Mr Sawaadi, I will interview you on Skype, and we can clear this up. We are video experts after all, right?
  7. It does somehow reek of a more elaborate version of those obviously fake facebook accounts I get requests from sometimes..
  8. Nah - that's totally awful for me, epecially for a camera forum type guy - and stealing is stealing as we see.. I do think this thread should be shut down, until perhaps Timotheus does or doesn't get his money, or adapter in a week or two..
  9. This post reads like bullshit to me.. why not refund the money right now, since you are so well off? Why would you be banned for trying to get on here and sort it out? And why would you say that you have no obligation to refund the money, when you admit it was someone very close to you? Does this not sound like the tone of the young punk and his message on facebook? Is there an Ebrahim Sr, or has it just been a scam all along? If there are 6 people admitted as being scammed, are there really more? Has someone been standing too close to a nuclear radiology machine? Did we really go to the moo
  10. I would have to say the a7s 2, just in case you want to do a film in the dark! Truly ground breaking camera for me.. I am intrigued by the a7r 2's incredibly low rolling shutter in 1080p aspc though.. 7ms!
  11. It looks crazy! like a skyscraper or something nice
  12. For me the real killer feature of the C100 mk2 is the DPAF
  13. a6300 with a sony E 18-200 would be killer - big lens though and a pricey combo..
  14. I loved it.. really amazing. Revolutionary in the way it was made, and sold too! Louis talks at length about the production here
  15. Yeah, I am on a bad monitor here at the moment
  16. Hey, if you are learning stills, the Panasonics should be great, but if you really need them, a serious amateur or even pro might be happy to shoot for next to nothing .. even quick shots I grabbed with a serious stills guy's kit (a 7d and canon L 70-200 I think) seemed good, and the shots they got looked awesome to me These are out of cam, and I suppose most stills get tons of post these days anyway - but also like the video I suppose, Canon stuff just seems to come out of the camera more "right"!
  17. Haha, thanks... they have all gone through FB processing, had some grain etc.. maybe it's just the look I like in stills out of the Panasonic! I actually prefer frames I have pulled from the video footage to any still I have taken on the Panasonics..!? That's the thing though, I never felt the Panny's stills were better than my phone, with any lens I've tried - but the first time I took a shot with the Canon 50d I was amazed by the difference I could see.. for a real hybrid cam I would get a 5d mk2 myself I reckon ..or even an eos M. I am definitely not a stills expert in any way, just my own
  18. Quick balance with my normal Panasonic workflow Premiere Pro - Neat Video with a little sharpen, .4% guassian blur, Film Convert gh4 profiles, about 40% grain and 80-90% film colour, quick balance in the lumetri panel on this one to kill the highlights/whites a bit - then to Resolve for RGB curves, more highlight/contrast/black balance, lum/sat and sat/sat curves.. this one I cooled the colour temp a bit, no windows or sharpening in resolve - barely touch the colour wheels anymore, prefer to play with colour temp and saturation curves only these days. Quick worklflow now it's up and running, e
  19. Horace and Pete? One of the best things I've seen.. truly groundbreaking I reckon Wow, I watched all of Horace and Pete, and loved it. Truly groundbreaking I reckon!
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