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  1. It seems that the bigger Nanguang led fresnels have a good rep for colour ..there is even a smaller model http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/222043959567?lpid=107&chn=ps I'm hoping to see more of these mini led fresnels hit the market!
  2. Personal View has a good reputation for their deals. Vitaly, who runs the site, is the guy that originally hacked the GH1/GH2 Panasonics..
  3. This? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-LED-Fresnel-Spotlight-with-barndoor-and-Filter-For-Canon-Nikon-Sony-Camera-Camcorder/32639068850.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_7,searchweb201602_4_10057_10056_10055_10049_10059_10058_10017_405_404_10040_10060_10061_412,searchweb201603_7&btsid=5f74a7d1-07ff-415f-bb80-a41433c73766 That Apature m9 looks pretty awesome
  4. Mojo seems to work really well with Visioncolor - seems alot more effective than with my panasonic footage for some reason, possibly because Mojo was released at the height of the DSLR/Canon revolution, so perhaps optimised for Canon's... I like Mojo alot, it can be such a quick way to get a great look happening! I read that the way Mojo affects colours puts some priority to isolating/protecting the skin tones, and also that Visioncolor gives a similar attention to the skin colour range - there does seem to be some synergy happening with these two products!
  5. According to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFIhmbUj0Uw LightForm is noisier, and doesn't hold up to grading as well as VisionColor..
  6. Check out the VisionColor profiles - definitely my favourites.. might have to try Kendy's though.. if it is as good or better than Visiontech I will be v happy
  7. Hey Tupp.. I tried the test again, with some interesting results.. used this static.. https://vimeo.com/10893761 btw the link from before was a text file of the mediainfo results of the file.. anyways, tried the test a few more times, got some failures, first at a minute, then sooner.. the focus might have been off on some earlier ones, so less detail for the sensor.. the files that stopped were getting up to 120 Mbps, so I lowered it from 3.5 to 2.8x - giving more stable (3 min) recordings at around 60-65 Mbps .. pretty good I reckon for a 40 MB/s Sandisk Ultra card.. will try a faster
  8. Will try this, have noticed the camera heating up quite a bit... - just tried this, seemed to work ok, even cranked up to 3.5x.. got a file that shows a 60.2 Mbps data rate! MVI_8149.MOV.txt
  9. Hey, I remember this one from back in the day... gee those colours still look amazing.. truly like a moving photo.. so filmic!
  10. xc10 seems nice - like a mini c100 - a power zoom would be the icing on the cake!
  11. Thanks Tweak... stunning colours.. can you remember what lens you used on that one? I did try the raw on a 50d, had a slow card though, so couldn't get the higher rez .. I hate shooting crop too:) I sold it, but the memories of it's colours bought me back to canon! I'm pretty happy with 3x h264 and all-I at the moment - I'm more used to cc and grading now, the footage responds really well so far. Will post some soon
  12. I'm not even sure if it is TL.. some build I found from 2015.. it's running stable now, so I don't want to touch it! I thought there was software to remove the pink dots in raw? Might not be able to resist trying it out..
  13. Izotpe RX all day long.. on a totally different level than most any other nr.. plug ins like the nr in premiere seem to be about the same as the ones we had in 1995 (Steinberg Wavelab) ... back then CEDAR nr systems were like 100k pounds for the full setup.. RX was a revelation when it was released - learning curve is steep though, and it takes a fine touch to get rid of the noise, without killing the hi end, and detail.. if I were you, I would take gh2sound up on his offer, you will be amazed I'm sure.. if most built in nr is like a Moped, RX3 is like a Ferrari- and sure, someone like me or y
  14. Seems good so far, but the audio seems to work sometimes only - will see if I can find a stable setup..
  15. Yeah, I was very interested in the all-i, tried it out but it seems you loose audio - and having that audio input was a big reason I got this little beast.. Just tried it again, it seems to be working ok with audio now at 3.0x bitrate, and all-I ..
  16. Yeah, it is a very small variation now.. was all over the place before.. I get a bit lost in these stills concepts like the exposure compensation, etc!
  17. VisionTech + M31 lut = teal city, a look I still love.. and look at that skin. Must get this lut!
  18. Hi everyone, I picked up one of these cool little cam's today, because I miss Canon colours! Got it almost setup, installed tragic lantern, that's all ok.. I messed around with 50d raw a few years ago, so I know my way around ML a bit.. not using the ml raw for now, just going high bitrate h264.. Anyways.. I thought I had set everything to full manual, and it seems mostly ok, but my shutter speed keeps fluctuating, and I can't work out why.. I don't remember this happening on the 50d - any Canon/ML experts know why this is happening? I tried to switch any auto settings off, but must have
  19. VisionTech seems easy to dial in all those classic teal colours.. something like magic bullet mojo seems to work really nicely with it. It warms up well too, it just seems to react best for me if you want to push the colours.
  20. I prefer VisionTech over them all - just used it today for the first time in years, and I still love it.
  21. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/272086620613?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT looks nice, good price..
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