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  1. In my experience with the gf1 and gx7 on the stills side, I like the results with vintage lenses, and they have bags of character, and a "snap shot" smaller film format feel.. a real still guy could probably get amazing results, but when I had even a aspc Canon 50d for a while, even with a crappy old canon kit zoom and on full auto, the pics coming out of that thing blew away anything I have been able to get with the Panasonics! Again, I'm no stills expert, but it seems you have to be a pretty serious photo guy to pull amazing images out of the Panasonics.. love them for video, apart from the
  2. This is annoying. Please Panasonic Varicam team, fix the motion on the poor people cameras like GX85 - from what I've seen so far it still looks like gh series video like motion.. a little better perhaps, anyone think/seen or noticed if the GX85 has had a step in cadence aesthetic? I don't know what it is but these cams don't seem to do 24p well - I feel like 24p on my GX7 sucks, and most Panasonic footage seems the same. Everytime I see almost any other cam, Canon, BM, etc it seems to be better at 24p. I feel like a phone could almost look nicer. It's not like Panasonic had anything to p
  3. Hey Mattias, no issues with CA when stopped down or anything? Considering one of the cheap EOS to mft focal reducers with the apeture blades here..
  4. Hmm - some seem to have it, some don't.. the standard for me is film, then Alexa's.. the impression I get from my Panasonics is that it almost seems to have artifacts similar to early video compression codecs.. jerky, stuttery, frame tearing .. maybe the higher bit rate codec is why the GH4 seems to do a little better than my gx7.. if the gx85 doesn't have more pleasing motion (this is all at 24p) I will be looking into external recorders, and also filming at 30p and twixtor/optical flow to 24p .. I'm already shooting at less than 180 shutter (1/40 at 24p) - it helps alot when usable for me.
  5. Hey Fuzzy - have you tried something like this? http://exercises4eyes.com/ - really helped my vision a few years ago - I don't need glasses anymore!
  6. Heya John, even my el cheapo focal reducer just seems to give some sort of s35 thing to my little gx7 - I use mostly vintage manual lenses, really should have got it ages ago! Highly recommended, and I will be moving up to a lens turbo 2 soon, eventually an active speedbooster - plus I hate maths, so now I never have to translate for s35 sensor equivalent!
  7. Just remember, if you are on a speedbooster, adjust accordingly - so if the focal reduction is 0.71 it would be ie: 50mm x 0.71 = (approx) 35mm
  8. Haven't shot colour charts yet.. might start.. probably a good idea to start doing this - always nice to have great colour straight out of the cam though - my idea of the perfect grade is the one that you barely have to touch, ha!
  9. Hi Javier, like the video - good to see you on here! Did you use the standard rgb profile in film convert?
  10. wow, this turning sideways thing really seems to work well on pans... is there any reason sensors aren't mounted this way?
  11. The colours really look like a nice neutral base to grade from, and I can't wait to get one and play with the in camera look a bit!
  12. yeah, to the camera it is seeing 35mm lens with a 35mm field of view, and that is the correct focal length to enter for the ibis/camera calibration..
  13. Look - I have to disagree regarding my gx7 - no matter how carefully I white balance, and grade, there always seems to be something wrong going on in the red to orange range for me.. I try to avoid those colours, and yeah, it can look pretty good but I get to the point where I think its ok, especially with filmconvert.. - then look at any Canon footage straight out of cammera and think that it just looks so right, more pleasing.. the gx85 does look alot better at this stage to me though - from what I've seen it looks somewhat Blackmagic like with the colours.. slightly more neutral than the C
  14. I think if Panasonic can improve the autofocus, with the ibis and seemingly better colours - the gh5 will be a really strong camera.. it really seems the main area they are lagging behind
  15. And this guy has a robot to write new Friends episodes!! http://nymag.com/selectall/2016/01/friends-is-even-better-written-by-a-robot.html
  16. I loved this. The script is hilarious. I want one of these:)
  17. that would be cool. The camera says, hmm, don't like that shot, how about we frame it up this way - then downloads 50 reference shots to the monitor:) "based on your preferences, we suggest this shot" - download a Scorcese director profile etc
  18. I am all over the gx85 and can't wait to get a hold of one - it seems they have fixed the colours alot, my major gripe with the gx7 - was about to go into Canon's again - but with the ibis, for me the gx85 seems to be the best "pocket cinema" camera yet..
  19. Sounds good.. motion seems to be better in the gx85 than my gx7 for sure.. my number one wish for the gh5 would be better video autofocus I think. Hope Panasonic can catch up with the others in this dept.
  20. So is the gx8 the same sensor as the GH4? I will be happy if the gx85 holds up like the g7 at higer iso
  21. How about an AI electronic virtual focus puller with voice recognition:)
  22. Higher bitrate pro res or dnxhd would be great too:) A low rolling shutter mode..
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