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  1. My Yashica 28mm also has about 270 degrees throw Hi, just looked and it is actually a Promaster 28mm f2.8 - not a Vivitar! Its supposed to be a rebrand of the Sigma mini wide II ... Good long focus throw
  2. Yeah, I'd agree that if you can go up to a c100... Canon really has the best colour for me, except maybe an Alexa or Red - and can just look so right out of the box. With all the proper video features of a c100 - if you can stretch to it then that makes alot of sense. I do love Blackmagic but they have that "DIY" factor... where the C100 seems to be robust, reliable, technicologically mature and makes great footage!
  3. I'd knock the sat down at least -1 as the panny's still seem to clip colours a bit.. great looking footage though! I liked it alot
  4. My Vivatar f2.8 (rebranded Sigma super wide II) has about 270 degree focus throw..
  5. It's not perfect, but really amazing - especially compared to any other brand. Really usable, but it does really chew through the power..
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