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  1. Anyone know what these two little horn looking things are in the red circle? Sonar follow focus? Mics? Eye lights? From Shane Hurlbut's page..
  2. Gee the ibis looks fantastic on the gx85 to me... that rolling shutter on the sony is horrendous!
  3. How about come back when everyone is paid back, and ask then?
  4. I shot a few videos on my own little GX7 recently - using wifi for Panasonic image app really burns through the batteries..
  5. Hey, I see someone here reaching out to a forum member gone wrong - there were alot of us here who held back info, kept it private, including Ed. Ed also kept this quiet until ES did the right thing, and fessed up.. It shows me why I love this forum so much, most forums wouldn't have dealt with this as well I think. Sure people disagree and argue a bit here, but it usually blows over quickly and gets sorted out.. and censorship seems rarely required. I am a little suprised so many were quick to leap up in defense of ES's earlier smokescreens - it speaks of how much trust
  6. Wow, couldn't tell if 2 or 3 was the gx85 (once I realised it was 3 cams, doh) - definitely seems the panny has made a step in colours, I and I really like the way both the bm cam and gx85 break up into the noise in the oof areas - have found my gx7 noise and also bm noise to look really nice and film grainy at times - might have to do some more shooting trying to get more control over this..
  7. Doh - glad to see you are real James! Thanks for going easy on me! I still think there are some "phoney baloney" accounts going around.. thanks for the video!
  8. Hey, thanks Ed for being the first one to post a video reply! Well done everyone really I think, for not letting this get to far out of control, and the nice gallows humor!
  9. Hmm Are you real? No video messages? Are you camera people or what? Don't you shoot before you talk?
  10. Mr "James Drum", I think you should share what you have here right now.. I think you are made up. Prove me wrong!!
  11. "for someone that is trying to join up with us, and understatnd these cheap cameras".. makes alot of sense. Accent a bit suss? Obviously I'm not an actor... A simple attempt at video commentary... easy to rant at best
  12. a 16k hmi? bounced off muslin? http://cinegleaner.postach.io/post/no-country-for-old-men now here is a frame
  13. Where is Mr Ebrahims video response? Show us what Ebrahim Sawaadi productions is made of.. apart from shockingly stolen footage, that is
  14. Aww thanks man, and I did try to contact Andy way before my video posts, to get this thread shut down.. now I am glad it stayed open! Watching your video now.. Your sideways style is a bit shit in my humble opinion I worked hard to make my whites interesting, you lazy mf Is this a forum of film makers, or camera nerd tragics? Andy Lee, Mathias - they are always posting frames and video of some great stuff. C'mon everyone, forget about this bun fight and show us your stuff! And thank you Ed David, for your crazy sideways take on this thread!
  15. Hi everyone, show us a little post about how you love these forums so much, or something, and show off your lighting and camera setups! no post work allowed, strict rule. Straight out of camera only, full settings disclosure, no cheating.
  16. I have to say, I am liking this gx7 base colour here. The red hat, bright red to the eye, seems to turn pink on the footage, and the coffee cup, rich red in to the eye, is washed out looking... the ribbon I am wearing is a bright red to the eye, and pinkish on the camera.. It always seems to be the Panasonics weakness.. any extreme red tone..
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