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  1. Does anyone know is this fixed on RX100 VI? Does it use phase detection in 120fps mode?
  2. How could How could you avoid flickering inside with 240fps?
  3. RX100 IV / V has the best 120 fps mode, cleanest picture.
  4. Autofocus of RX100 IV can keep up on this kind of shooting? Any tricks how to get best footage with it?
  5. Hi! I am looking preferably pocketable/lightweight solution to shoot videos of my boys Trial and Motocross training. I would like to use same camera for general family photos and videos too. I need good autofocus which is capable for these kind of situations: ) I am on back of 50m bumby straight and my kid drives towards me at 20mph 2) I am on side of track about 10 meters away same speed and he drives horizontally past me, I would pan when he goes. I have now Oneplus One and I get footage like this: Things I absolute need: -Good AF -Good stabilization -Moderate low light capability -1080p 60fps Things I would enjoy too: -Pocketable -Good 1080p 120fps -Good HFR -10x optical zoom, 200mm would be enough I would love to buy RX 100 IV but is there any way I get this kind of shooting via autofocus or any other method with it? I have also tought these cameras: AX53 -Bad low light -Photo quality? -Does not fit pocket ZS100 -Soft lens -Mediocore video IQ -Bad 1080p 120fps GX85 -Size -I need at least two lenses -Autofocus?
  6. What handheld gimbal you guys would recommend to pair with RX100 IV? I have been looking Beholder MS1. Is there any good cheaper alternative? RX100 weight only 300gram but is it too heavy for gopro gimbals?
  7. I am planning to buy the RX 100 IV. From time to time I shoot video of my 3 years old sons motocoss sessions and need a little bit more zoom. Can you link me some diy accessories to achieve 2x more zoom? In your article you mentioned something about old teleconverters. Can you link me some?
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