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  1. So, you cropped the image from 3.66:1 to 2.36:1 because of the vignette?
  2. Looks like you found your way Here are some shots, testing the bolex with different apertures: Please note that a Lens Turbo Adapter was mounted so x0.72 the aperture value as well. The focus through bolex is great for run and gun, but you have to stop down the aperture at least to f4. But I have to make more tests, a festival is coming up in the next month, will see how it can handle those conditions. Honestly, framing and desqueezing the image doesn't really bothers me, i can still frame the stretched image, but judging the focus from a 3' inch screen without proper peaking can ruin a lot of shots. Do you have any experience with attachable Viewfinders? I mainly shoot with shoulder rig and a slider, so it could be a reasonable investment, I'm just not sure if it will magnify my LCD in the way I imagine, if yes, that can solve my issue. Thanks for your comments guys! Happy shooting!
  3. Hey Caleb, I've got the focusthrough version of the baby moller, so I only have to focus my taking lens. Focus Pulling become very unusual with anamorphic since the peaking is not reliable and the focus distances are very short.
  4. I also forgot to ask, do you use viewfinder or an external monitor? Which one do you prefer? Thanks!
  5. Dear fellow forumers, I would love to hear your opinions and techniques, how do you nail your focus with anamorphic lens. I'm shooting with GH4, and bought recentily a Bolex 1.5x anamorphot lens, since that I have experienced several issues and yet, I'm not sure with which device should I pull focus. The issues I have found: #1 PEAKING - Because of the baby mollers smaller size, there isn't coming through too much light, so the peaking isn't working very well. Same with autofocus (didn't tried yet, waiting for a native lens). #2 FOCUS DISTANCE - Without a diopter, you can focus from 1,5-2m to infinity. The vintage lenses have nice, long focus barrel, but the distance between 2m and infinity is very small. Pulling focus without a proper follow focus or other device is a mess. #3 APERTURE - Some say, bolex is great when wide open. Personally, I found it too soft. The anamorphic lens completely changes the behaviour of your taking lens. How do you pull focus? What device are you using (i was thinking about purchasing a movofilms FF or aputures new DEC). Also what is the fastest aperture you use on set? Thanks! Cheers! Alex
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    I'm using Zhongy's Lens Turbo. The edges might be slightly softer than with the Metabones SB, but isn't really noticable, and for the 150 USD price, I'm absolutely fine with that. An interesting alternative will be APUTUREs new DEC adapter for around 450 bucks.
  7. This was mine dilemma as well, but I ended up with GH4, because I really needed a better camera performance for a project than my t3i's. We'll see what the GH5 can do, but to be honest, the GH4 performance is solid, the 100/200mbit codec is great, the 4K's nice, anamorphic shooting is now a thing, the battery last long enough and there is no overheating. Yep, there are downsides as well, but you'll always have to sacrifice some specs. So far, so good, I'm hyped for the GH5, but I'm really fine with the GH4's performance.
  8. If your lens moves to one side, you can spot in while shooting, so I'm trying to be aware of. I had the lens for a month now, which is not a long time, but I had no problem setting it it (so far). I never tried vidatlantic, but they're build universally, to hold many lens types. Mine was modified by the seller, to fit the Bolex, and he did a hell of a great job!
  9. Hey, I've got this one on my Bolex, http://www.jjc.cc/index.php/Product/product_info/id/421 Looks like this:
  10. Hey! I think this one will give you some answers http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/metabones-speed-booster-comparison-mft/
  11. Hey, you're welcome. On ebay everything seems very nice, but please note that this lens does not have a front thread, so you can't mount a diopter or ND filter to it. Also, there is no mention about the widest aperture you can shoot with this lens (before the image gets unusably soft). Well, it was a struggle for me as well, i spent months to make my research, then I ended up between 1.33 and 2x with the 1.5x Baby Moller, so far I'm really satisfied, can't wait to try it out on a commercial project. My next, 2x lens will be something cheaper. There is a lens called "MOSTY", try to search for it on ebay, you can geti it for aprox 300 eur and can shoot wide open. Also, Kowa would be nice. Note, that these lenses are not focusthrough, sou you have to rack (double) focus, or buy an SLR Magic rangefinder to make it singlefocus. In my opinion, kowa + rangefinder is still cheaper than slr magics anamorphot, not as handy and small, but cheaper and has the character. I'm not sure where are you located, but if you're in europe, try this seller: http://www.ebay.com/sch/die_bitsbox/m.html?item=131728005478&hash=item1eab99d966%3Ag%3A8uYAAOSwG-1WwNes&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 He delivers absolutely great lens and service, also his offer changes day by day. Good luck! Alex
  12. The 2x anamorphic lens won't work with focal lengths shorter than 80mm (on fullframe). So Nikon 50mm f1.8 will probably work but the others won't. SLR MAGIC says: So not sure if it will work with the zoom lenses. Like Tweak said, get som cheap vintage lenses, they will do the job. Get a Pentax SMC, old Canon FD's or other lenses. Few more things that you need to be aware of, before buying a 2x anamorphic lens. If you're looking for a true focusthrough anamorphic, SLR magic may be not the one. The lens has 2 modes, Near and Far. You have to set your anamorphic lens attachment according to the focus distance. Using 2x anamorphics won't let you shoot slowmo. The 4:3 mode is accessable only in 4K photo mode. No 1080p! Well, you can shoot with it in 1080p, but your final image will be 3.66:1. You can't go wide with 2x lens. The min. focal length is 80mm (on fullframe). With the 1.33x you can shoot at 40mm (FF). You have to shoot really stopped down to avoid soft image. Some says F5.6-8. These are just few things I found out before I purchased my lens. These are just some downsides, of course it has a brighter side as well You get the oval bokeh, flares and the waterfall look. So, it's your preference
  13. Hey, Bought a Moller few weeks ago. It's an awesome piece of gear, got it with a custom housing and threads. As you can see, it is very hard to pull focus properly. This was shot handheld, without external monitor. Because of the anamorphic lens attachment, there isn't coming too much light throug, so the Gh4's focus peaking does not work very well, so I had to judge the focus just by my eyes. The lens was set to f2.8, but note that there is a speedbooster in the chain as well. The setup was: GH4 + Mitakon Lens Turbo + Canon 85mm f1.8 + Moller 1.5x anamorphot + 0.5 diopter I did not spend much time with the edit...
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