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    NX2 rumors

    Sigma just released an entire Art series for the e-mount. I find the Art line comparable to Samsung's S line in many regards.
  2. How cool. UW is a legit institution. What does she teach? What specific areas you looking at? As you may already know, housing here has skyrocketed to nearly Bay area levels. It's getting insane.
  3. In Seattle. Ever come south? I'm 44 now. You must always be on your toes to stay market relevant, especially if you live in a country with little to no social safety nets, like the United States. Fortune has little to do with anything. If your local state economy is shit, what exactly do you hope to gain from it? You have to be where the money is. Simple math.
  4. This is why I work a day job and do film on the side. If I had to rely on my passion doubling as my main income stream it would add a layer of stress that I just don't want to associate with my artistic endeavours. True, no doubt I have less extra time to pursue my passion, but the time I do get is better spent knowing the rent is covered and I'm not on anyone's else's agenda but my own.
  5. My setup is not too much different than this, although I have one arm that connects to the front of the vest. I have my tension slightly pushing upward so I use a little weight to push the gimbal down for a bit of constant contact and shock absorption. It still requires some technique, (most do) but it definitely helps with not having a sore back and arms. I'm dreading the Ursa's weight and size when I get it. I'm not sure what direction I'm going with for stabilization. I might have to stick with good ole ENG over he shoulder for awhile. (For tracking scenes) Not opposed to fitting my vest with a glidecam either. Thank god I'm not into heavy action films.
  6. I might be persuaded to sell my NX1, (with nx-ks hack installed) 5 batteries, 5 native nx lens', 2 Rokinons and 3 vintage glass with adapters, plus my Crane V1 and remote/and handle bars for the right offer.
  7. I'll try to rig it up and send photos and an example video this weekend.
  8. Matthew Hartman

    NX2 rumors

    My conclusion is to graduate into a proper cinema cam which is why I think BMD and Kinefnity are great logical steps in that evolution. Plus, that Blackmagic image. Lovely. That being said, I'm not going to sell my NX1. I'm keeping it until it literally has a stroke. Not the perfect camera, but plenty good enough.
  9. Wouldn't a fourth axis/contact point not allow 360° rotation? What could be done is have the Y shock absorbed with fluid or a internal sping in the grip. I think? Don't be afraid of dolly cart/track systems either. They're still well utilized in the industry. You can build a DIY system for cheaper than a lot of these gimbal systems and get much more reliable results. Of course you sacrifice mobility. Or mount your gimbal on the back of an electric golf cart. Get inventive. The only thing that matters at the end of th day is the shot. There's NOTHING wrong with hacks. I recently did a facing tracking shot sitting on the back of my hybrid car holding my gimbal. Smooth as buttah'.
  10. @Kisaha @mkabi Great thoughts and expression guys. I'm impressed. Mkabi, love the tiered packages. I think something like that is highly marketable.
  11. Yes, I've been transitioning/learning Resolve for color grading just for the advanced tool set over Lumentri. Color separations and qualifiers are very powerful tools. I have an NX1, and soon I'm picking up the Ursa Mini pro 4.6k possibly even this weekend. So are you saying the advantages you're referring to only apply to Sony slog2 in Resolve? I assume shooting with the Ursa will put me in the advantage of the 10/12 bit space and put me where the future is headed?
  12. I sure wish this conversation could be a little more laymen.
  13. Trust me, it's bewildering to many Americans as well. I won't get into political conversations here, so if anyone has a retort you will not get a follow up from me. But we definitely need a good overall of our public policies in my country. Webrunner's story is not unlike many, many Americans. Statistics show that many Americans are roughly a paycheck away from total poverty and many go bankrupt with medical bills, even with having insurance. I recently had a talk with my 13-year old son about what to do if some crazed individual comes to his school with a weapon. Not a conversation I ever imaged I'd have to have with my children. It's surreal.
  14. I attach my Z Crane v1 gimbal to a shock-absorbed boom arm mounted to a vest. Two things happen here. The fourth axis is shock-absorbed, where these 3-axis gimbals totally fall apart the most, and I'm also not wearing out my arms holding up a metal pistol grip all day. Spent muscles are shaky muscles.
  15. I can't speculate on real estate, but I will always air on the side of properly setting up a shot in narrative work, even as a one man band. Take the time and effort. When you're sitting in the editor's chair you won't be kicking yourself constantly and this is where coverage and proper set up matters greatly. Of course a lot of clients are laymen and they have the misconception that filming is a pointed camera and some lights, they don't have any spacial awareness of what makes up a good shot/scene, and why would they? All they ever see is the finished product. I'm constantly pushing back on those misconceptions. It comes down to approach. You have to be willing to educate people about the craft and justify your position in a respectful/tactful way. It's not an easy thing, almost everyone is going to come at it skeptically, because time is money, but you have to have a good pitch and explain value, or what they're getting for their buck. You have to read the language of each client. There will always be some adversarial clients that are not worth that battle. If they insist on shit, just give them the shit they asked for. Yeah, your standards are challenged, but money is one shade of green at the end of the day.
  16. Oh trust me my friend, I'm usually the guy that gets all the sideways looks and glances in the room. I was joking about the seizure just in case that wasn't clear. You would think the emoji would have made it abundantly clear my comment was in jest. Work with me people!
  17. Watched them all. Mesmerized. ? subb'd. I also figured out where mojo comes from. From your all's Moms. ?
  18. Yeah, if that effect is an induced seizure. ?
  19. To be successful in this area you really have to know what kind of content is trending and what advertisers are looking for. You have to be very methodical and discriminate, and put your bias or preferences aside. The cheesy shit in a can sells like hotcakes, unless you're a in-house hired gun to capture antiquity. If you're abstract I wish you luck.
  20. Yep. It's a well known trick. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/90629-REG/Rosco_102302104825_E_Colour_210_6_Neutral.html There's no old days about it. It's called real filmmaking. ?
  21. I stopped comparing the footage once I got to the part where a grown man plays in the water fountain. OMG. My sides are aching. ? The wide shots almost look like gimbal work.
  22. Also, the form factor of the FF dial on the latest crane isn't exactly, ergonomic. In fact, I would say it's short of acceptable. Before you get a nasty case of buyer's remorse, do your research and make sure whatever tool you get honestly fits your needs. If you're not going to use this tool for at least 50% you don't "need" it.
  23. Some do have FF, but only work with select cameras. (And very few of them at that)
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