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  1. There's a lot of merit in your point here. I think we all get too caught up in the scopes sometimes. We have an amazing scope above or nose called the eyes. The entire point of image quality is what looks preceiveably good to the eye. Scopes are useful in measuring and extrapolating the scientific data, but they only tell some of the story. If a highlight looks blown to our eye, it's blown.
  2. Very interesting. Have you experimented with master black level and Dynamic Range/Smart Range+ enabled in conjunction?
  3. According to foreign media reports, it is reported that Samsung will launch an NX2 anti-retro camera. Although it was said that it would withdraw from the camera field, it actually stopped sales in Europe and the United States, and this camera is only sold in South Korea. Although Samsung closed the camera division and handed everything to the mobile phone division, the non-reverse camera will be equipped with an Exynos 9810 processor. Yes, you read it correctly. This is the same model used on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones. It allows Samsung NX2 to support 4K video in 120 frames and H.265 encoding format. The form factor is...hmmm. And that OS looks like an older version of Android. And apps?
  4. This is brilliant. I really appreciate you sharing your process. It helps to have someone doing the encoding and tagging for you, and the fact that you're also the director and can make the calls. I'm sure there's moments when you feel like a story just isn't coming together and you just have to forge ahead.
  5. You follow a scripted format correct? Is it pretty much a template at this point? How do you peronally handle drives full of footage that needs sorted? What's your process? I've been using frame.io for some shorts. I love it. The director can make annotations right on a timeline, which imports right into Premiere as an extension too.
  6. Basically you want to avoid the off brand cheapsters. They'll give you magenta cast and this will eventually ride on your nerves and patience. Stay with tried and true companies like Tiffen and Lee. You get what you pay for in this area. I tried to skimp, I was not succesful. As far as variable, I have no issues with that like others might have. It's mainly a workflow/expense thing.
  7. I honestly don't care how I'm received. I make my own way in life and learned to depend only on myself for approval a long, long time ago. If you give that power to others they will inevitably fail with it. It's not an affliction, it's pure human nature. Even parent's fail sometimes. I probably failed Arikhan on some level. There are many here I respect, including yourself, but we're not all close as in a close friendship, those tend to blossom offline, so I'm not deeply invested. That being said, if anyone would like to learn more about me on a personal level, I don't hold those efforts back. And you'll get honesty from me. I write this stuff, I throw it out there knowing it's not going to stick to everyone's wall. But I'm not looking for everyone. I'm looking for real solutions to real challenges. Sometimes those need nurturing before you arrive at the answer. I got time. If Andrew banned me from this site for life right after this posts, so be it. I'll just keep forging ahead blazing my own trail, because I know my own competencies better than anyone else, Andrew, nor anyone else gets to define that.
  8. It's only happened to me once so far, and thank heavens it was only during testing. Still, a scary proposition. Once (during filming) I had everything go purple and green on me. Thankfully, it only affected the screen and not the actual footage. It has never happened since. If it's related to hardware, there will be no fix unless you open up the body and see if contacts are dusty. If it's related to software thresholds, there could be a fix but that's not coming from Samsung, so start doing the dial dance.
  9. It looks like good ole fashioned RS to me. WS does other weird crap when it confuses movement for scale. This is my eyes looks like a delay in the line reading. That being said, I've seen much worse on my NX1 and some Sony models.
  10. Property insurance is sometimes forced and sometimes not. For commercial yes, for residential, it's highly encouraged. Here in the States we live in a "I'll sue your ass off" environment.
  11. Well, was it you or me that has been speaking with him privately? You have comphresion skills, I'm sure of it. I tried to be a conduit and temper the situation. He asked for my help and support and that's exactly what I agreed to do and intend to do going forward, despite this becoming a trick or not. My lack of fear of being fooled puts me in a unique position. I've also been ridiculed and mocked during this fun exhibition. But I'm 44, been around the block a few hundred times and back. I made it too easy for you guys. I gave you my clear and honest assestment of the general mood that was happening on the other side as it became apparent. Some of you debated, postured, professed, demanded and gave altimatuim. Not wise. Not strategic. Now you get to pay up. Every brilliant mind we recgonize today has gone through the same old shit before people admired their work. It starts off as healthy skeptism. It then moves into impatience, then baiting, then insults and ridicule or defamation of character, and then finally eating their own shit sandwich. Look at the Sistine Chapel. Years behind schedule. Still deeply revered today. As far as the New Yorker's statement. It's my observation. Even New Yorker's will tell you that their "in-your-face" communication style is unique to the geography, and they seem pretty smitten with it too. I'm not revealing any secrets here. BTW, I have six close friends from NYC and one from Jersey and family from Detroit. The tech companies in the greater Seattle area draw people here from all walks of life. I've noticed New Yorker's (from NYC) don't fair well over here if they're not willing to adapt to a more sutble west coast communication style. Turns out the people here don't appreciate being cat called by a derogatory nickname followed by a demand in the workplace. This is one of the more liberal places I have ever lived in. In fact we've had legalized recreational weed for some years now, first to enact $15/hr minimum wage, and we just passed statewide protections for net neutrality. We largely swing Bernie and we're telling ICE to back off. Studies show when one state entacts brave progressive policies the other states soon follow. You're welcome America. ? You can question this RAW hack, Arikhan's and my own integrity, but do not question my liberalism. ? Thanks for your vast contributions. So far all signs lead to "likely".
  12. I'm guessing you're pretty young? Building up a network is CRITICAL in this industry if you ever hope to advance in it. The old saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know" is a harsh reality. Film festivals are a very good way to acheive this. At first, your network is a couple people. But then you have to imagine those people know a couple people, etc. Suddenly your web of people has grown and is growing expodentially, so don't feel it's unachievable. If you're shy, and lack confidence that's okay. All you need to work on is building up enough courage to start with small steps. Your confidence will grow as you get better and better at it. It's best to intact confidence while you're young. By the time you hit full adulthood people will have fuller expectations of you. The truth is, as a naturally shy person that feeling never goes away. But how you mitigate it can blossom to the point no one would have ever guessed you are shy. I'm very introverted. I don't like large crowds, it feels exhausting to me. I adore my personal space and I like a small group of close friends and deep conversation rather than idle chit chat. But we live in a world that caters and rewards the extroverted. That's just the way it is. Although introversion is becoming more accepted within western society, it's still not tipping the scale much, unless you're the troubled-starving artist type like Tim Burton. To be succesful in my career, I had to learn to adapt to society's expectations and demands. That never changes who I am on the core level. It simply just refines me around the edges so that I can acheive success in a world that implores to exist on the surface. Even organizing a small film festival could also be a great confidence booster for you.
  13. Oh okay, virtually the same thing then. Here's an example of my local chamber: https://www.seattlechamber.com/
  14. You only need insurance if it's your venue. If you're renting a venue, you should already be covered by the owner's property insurance. If not, you definitely want that insurance, especially if alcohol and weed are involved. ?Keep in mind, recreational weed is legal in my state, so I'm not suggesting anything illegal. You don't sound too confident yet to pull off a bigger event. If I were you I'd just call up the buddies and have a night of it.
  15. He gave a date. You're just impatient. End of story.
  16. You said it yourself, no one wants to compare a new camera to a discontinued one. I know Max in the sense we both are Washingtonians and have had several chats about the NX1. To my knowledge when we last spoke a few months ago he still owned 3 (I believe) NX1s and is still fond of them. But you have to realize he reviews cameras, and he makes some income doing it. He would not get much viewership if you continually covered the NX1, a 4 year old discontinued camera. That's it's reputation on paper, even though the camera obviously still holds up. Right now, in his mind the hot cams are the GH5/s, and the AR73. If you tune in next week, it will be something else, thats just how he and many online reviewers roll. Their overall charter is to help sell new gear. But I wouldn't be suprised if he still uses the NX1 behind the scenes, which he affectionaly calls his "workhorses". I've been trying to get him to sell one to me but he's not willing to let them go unless I pay a premium. That says a lot.
  17. Out of curiosity what does yours do across the pond?
  18. Sorry, I meant no ill will here. It was for lack of a better description. I was in no way throwing shade your way. It was just the descriptor everyone here got familiar with. You already clarified your intent and I'm personally satisfied with it. We cool? ?
  19. All due respect (because I do respect you) you haven't read the messages I've received from Arikhan privately. If I'm to take him at his word, which so far I am, then yes, some of you DID in fact push him away. Process that as you will. Again, you can't expect a young person to have the same sensibilities and emotional maturity as a grown adult. When you're young, things are more black and white and you're more likely to internalize things. Plus, we don't know this kid's background, his family environment, nothing. Stop acting like these things don't matter. Now I know New Yorker's (city) are a different stock, but the entire world doesn't operate on a north easterner's in your face mentality. You have to know this. You come to Seattle with that mentality good luck holding down a job. I've personally seen two New Yorker's get canned for being too aggressive in the workplace, which is probably just a normal day at the office for you. Point is, different strokes. And for the record, you all should know Arikhan bailed (this forum at least) way before BMT_pix started playing detective. I think Andrew's post was the catalyst. I know Arikhan mentioned he contributes his purchase and fondness of the NX1 from a lot of Andrew's NX1 explorations, as do I. It's hard to interput through email and a language barrier, but he definitely didn't sound too happy once that went down. Although, I don't personally believe Andrew meant harm. But I'm not the one with the hack, am I? It really doesn't matter what I think, or you think, it only matters what Arikhan thinks. Or if you think he's full of it, simply move on by. Not that hard. You all kept demanding immediate proof. Now! Right now or else you're ""! The kid said very, very clearly on April 1st. I'm not sure why that wasn't clear to some of you? All it took was a little patience on your part. A handful of members here including myself kept driving that message but it never seemed to stick or gel with some of you. That's not on Arikhan, not one single bit. Even if this kid is playing me, which could be the case (although doubtful from our interactions) I still would not treat him like some of you have, kid or not. It's not like he did anything illegal or hurtful to anyone. If this turns out to be just an April Fool's joke, then I guess it's more than appropriate then isn't it? April Fool's doesn't work on any other day than April 1st last time I checked. Besides, I've got real world problems. Getting punked, especially on April Fool's day isn't one of them. ?
  20. In the states is called chamber of commerce. @Liam Do you have a local Alamo Drafthouse in your area by chance? They run local film festivals all the time, meaning you can rent their full service venue. I went to a few in Austin Texas before. They were a blast.
  21. Actually, metering in black and white shows your luminance and contrast ratios way better than the distraction of color. Sometimes I'll switch to a b&w profile in camera on tricky exposure situations for metering then switch back to color for recording. I never shoot in b&w in camera. I always handle that in post because I feel the tools are sophisticated enough now to replicate a faithful conversion.
  22. Honestly, Andrew at this point I'd just lock down the thread. There's nothing else to be gained here except more feuding, which is not very communal is it? When (and if) I receive those files from Arikhan, I will contact you via DM to launch a new sticky thread with the findings. Any more information after that will be at Arikhan's full discretion outside of eoshd. For those of you that showed patience and healthy skeptism, it's been noted. I'm sure Arikhan has no issue sharing with those that showed the spirit of community and civil discourse. Cheers.
  23. Obviously you're referring to me. All I can say is I just was let go from my job due to downsizing last week and I'm currently passing a 5mm kidney stone. Ban me. Ban me for an entire week, or year or indefinitely. That is the least of my concerns. And as a father of 3 children, one only a year older than Arikhan, you're damn straight I will protect the youth from people who obviously should not interact with them. My kid's aren't always honest nor make the best decisions at times. That is no reason to treat them like they have the sensibilities and accountability of a fully grown adult. The goal is to get them there eventually. But that's not an overnight process. When you force these things, you damage that process. The fact that you posted 12 years of age as your reference point is extremely troubling in my mind. Wow. You're fine. You've been completely sensible in your skepticism. Arikhan never expected full sponsorship here. He just requested some time and a little respect, which is quite mature of him.
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